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Friday, 17 February 2012

How to earn money through facebook?

    Well you can earn through facebook if you have a website that you update daily. First thing you should do is make a fanpage of your website/blog then find and invite a lot of fans, let say 300k and above fans. Secondly, put your website into your fanpage and update your fan page regularly through posting the links in your fan page. In that way you can get a lot of traffics coming from facebook. Then your traffics will convert to $$$.

I'm not here to step on your dreams or anything but if you're in need of money you're not heading in the right direction by focusing on Facebook. Facebook is not your money generator, just a tool. Your income will come from your website or blog but not Facebook. Also, that type of income takes time.

Just trying to be straight with you but if you need immediate income you probably shouldn't waste your time on Facebook unless of course you have some idea that has never been seen or heard of before that can be marketed easily.

I suggest, rather than concentrating on Facebook try to look for an online job. There are a lot of online job nowadays that can give you instant money regularly. Try surfing on the net for any online job that can fit your expertise. On that way, you will be going to get a fast result on how to earn money. All the tools that be needing is just you yourself, a good connection and a computer. Hope you can get one soon. Good luck.