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Friday, 26 October 2012

The Tamil Movie Impact

        The Tamil movie industry also known as Kollywood has become part of the culture in the hearts of Tamilian throughout the world. The influence of the industry is that much to an extent of fans committing suicide for their heroes. It has become the way of living from childhood till present. In psychiatry, you will learn that the things that you come across in your childhood will reflect your adulthood. A good example is, most serial killers are found to have a very bad childhood; either they are abused badly or their family institution is ruined during their childhood.

         The whole idea of my introduction into this topic is to highlight the outcome and impact that has shaped the entire Tamilian community from the perspective that Tamil movies are something that cannot be separated from us at all. If you were to shoot a good Tamil movie, it comes with lots of risk in the industry. All because of the mentality of the audience whom only prefer love story and pure violence. Nonetheless, good movies (in the sense of having a good storyline and a good take home message) are also produced but very few in relative to other Tamil movies. Commercialization of the Tamil movies have ruined the basis structure of coming up with a good movie. Directors nowadays go in tally with the demand of the Tamil audience.

The Tamil community in general has always come to a downfall. The amount of violence amongst each other, jealousy, hatred and lust are all portrayed in most of the Tamil movies. Politicians from Tamilnadu are also very influential in the Tamil industry. Their political agenda is reflected from the movie we watch. As a result, many audiences are being brainfucked. The Tamil industry also tries to be innovative as most movies are too seasoned with the same thing. So they come up with new ideas and it all started with double acting or twin role in a movie. Later, it was more than 2 roles and things got hysterical in the industry with the act of 10 roles in one freaking movie. And they could not think of increasing more than 10, so they came up with the idea of conjoint twins which undoubtedly a ‘success’ in the so-called very innovative Tamil film industry. And they tried superheroes, deaf, dumb, blind, midget, schizophrenic and the list goes on. They just cannot think of making good movies of a normal human being. There has to be some form of defect in order to win the hearts of the Tamilians.

From the dress that you wear to the type of beard you want to keep are all influenced by your favourite heroes. The influence is so great that every Indian that you come across from the streets will be at par with the new trend. The impact is so deep that even a small difference you see in your hero will shape up your personality. You tend to imitate punch dialogues from the movie, the jokes, the way of talking and so on. Such influence can be good and can also bad.

            In conclusion, movies ultimately play an important role in everyone’s life. Your action today is part of the memory that is being projected from the movies you watch. So, in order to upbring Tamilians from all over the world, good movies are the only solution. The market for good movies will need the support from our community no matter who the actor, actress or director is and also if it’s a low budget movie. The support wholly relies within the community itself. Choose the movies to watch, kill the bad movies by boycotting them and support good movies by watching them. I am pretty sure the community will benefit from this and will have a better life than before. Let’s get it started!