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Tuesday, 27 September 2011

How to Enable the New Facebook Timeline NOW

You've been hearing about all the wonderful new Facebook features, and like us, you’re probably super-eager to get started with them.
If you’re willing to go through a series of eight steps, you can get into the brand-new Facebook Timeline right now.
Simply follow the instructions below, and suddenly you’ll be basking in a new world of Facebook goodness, just like the developers are. Follow the instructions carefully, and good luck.
Please note: If you haven’t already verified your Facebook account with either a mobile phone number or credit card number, you’ll be asked to do so before you can try the new features. If you need more help with that,here’s a helpful link.
First, you’ll need to go to the Facebook developer page, which is a part of your Facebook account. Make sure you’re logged into your Facebook account, and then simply follow this link to get started.
Update: When will we be able to opt into the Timeline without the need for going through these developers’ steps? Says Stefan Parker, Facebook UI Engineer on Quora, “We are aiming to start letting users opt into Timeline in the next two to four weeks. There is no set date though.
Step 1: When you get here, click "allow".
Step 2: Click "Create New App"

Step 3: Name it whatever you want, and give it whatever namespace you'd like -- it doesn't matter. Click the checkbox "I agree to the platform privacy policy." And then click Continue, pass the security check by filling in the Captcha, and you'll be ready for the next step
Step 4: After you've verified yourself as a human, you'll reach this screen, where you'll need to click "Open Graph" on the left side.
Step 5: You'll see the next screen, entitled "Get Started with Open Graph" -- fill in anything you want (it doesn't matter) in those fields under the heading "start by defining one action than one object for your app." Click Get Started.
Step 6: On this screen, do nothing except scroll to the bottom and click "Save Changes and Next." Do the same thing on the next screen.
Step 7: You'll be taken to this screen. Wait a few minutes, and then go to your Facebook homepage. That's where you'll be invited to enable Timeline. Be patient at this point -- sometimes it requires you to wait before the changes take effect.
Step 8: When you go back to your Facebook homepage, you'll see this. Success! Click Get It Now, and you're in!
That's about it. Please use the timeline at your own discretion. Parental Advisory NOT required. Have Fun.

Monday, 26 September 2011

Will You Put Your Whole Life on Facebook With the Timeline Feature?

The Timeline feature Facebook is blowing a lot of people’s minds. “Tell the whole story of your life on a single page,” CEO Mark Zuckerberg said as he announced the feature.

That, in a nutshell, is what the timeline is all about. Sure, it will feature your recent Facebook activity, classic “wall” material, and app-related content. There’s a lot of cool stuff happening there, but the timeline itself goes back to when you were born, containing as much information as you want to share.
It looks like you can add content extending even before your birth (notice the +. You can drag that down and add more things, entering when something happened):

However, if you try to enter something for a date before your birthday, it doesn’t let you. It just tells you you weren’t born yet, which apparently eliminates pictures of your mom’s pregnancy, and any pictures of you as a fetus. Maybe they’ll enable this later.
Post birth, you pretty much have free reign.
You can add health-related events:

Other life events:

You can add content about when you lose a loved one:

The point is, you can pretty much add anything from your life starting with birth, which means a lot of people are going to be spending a whole lot of time adding things from their lives. Or at least that appears to be Facebook’s goal.
I have no reason to believe that tons of people won’t be adding everything they can think of to make their lives look more interesting than the next guy’s. You’re going to look pretty lame if you only have a few things and everyone else is climbing mountains, sky diving and meeting presidents.
Imagine the data. Imagine the ad targeting possibilities.
Imagine that Facebook is around for the long haul, and new people are born into the world where this is just the norm. It is a pretty interesting time indeed.
All of that said, some things you might be thinking include: I wonder how many people will get fired from their jobs. I wonder how many more divorces will get blamed on Facebook. I wonder how many lives will this ruin.
Don’t worry. “You have complete control over everything on your timeline. You have control of what’s there and you also control who can see everything,” said Zuckerberg during the keynote.
Well, users have had a lot of control over what they share on Facebook in the past, but that hasn’t stopped all of those things from happening. Tread carefully. By carefully, I mean with common sense. It may not be a good idea to post about the first time you used an illegal narcotic or the affair you had a few years ago. Not that you’ve done either of those things.


Sunday, 25 September 2011

Google Tools - Google Docs

Google Docs are free online documents that can be accessed from anywhere, shared with your team and edited by invited collaborators.

What Types of Google Docs?
There are five types of documents you can create:
1.Word documents

Sharing & Full Access
After creating a document, you can share it with anyone who needs to view, edit or manage it.Once you are in the document, a share button in the upper right corner will allow you to edit the users who can have access. All you need to do is enter names/email addresses.

Scheduling & Efficiency
Google Docs helps you become efficient at calendaring and scheduling content.For instance, you can use Google spreadsheets to keep a running list of your blog post ideas and etc. In this way,you ensure everyone on the team is aware of your activities and can help out as necessary.

Content Creation & Collaboration
Google Docs helps with brainstorming new content ideas and collaborating within the actual creation process. Maintaining these docs, you can eliminate unnecessary meeting time and be more efficient.

Calendars & Meetings
Lastly, Google calendars also provide you with a helpful platform to stay organized, create reoccurring events and remember deadlines. At HubSpot, we even use them as a way to keep track of when our team members will be away from the office.

Go to
1) Select a content series (blog articles, webinars, videos, email).
2) Create a document around that content
3) Share document with co-workers.
4) Collaborate, modify and publish.

Wednesday, 21 September 2011

Google Tools - Google Keyword Tool

Google’s Keyword Tool helps you create a solid keyword research strategy. While it’s part of Google AdWords, you can also use some of its capabilities without being enrolled in a PPC program.

Why Keywords Matter?
People enter keywords into search engines in order to find information and entertainment, conduct research and make purchases. As a business, you want online searchers to find you and your company’s website when they make queries relevant to your product or service. That’s why doing the right keyword research is essential and can help you attract more qualified traffic to your site.

How Google’s Keyword Tool Works
You can do two things by going to the website:
1) Enter keywords and the Keyword Tool will return synonyms of those keywords.
2) Enter a website and the Keyword Tool will suggest keywords used within that website.

How Competitive Keywords Are
In addition to suggesting keyword ideas, Google’s Keyword Tool will also tell you how competitive these phrases are. Generally, you don’t want to choose highly competitive keywords, but you want to focus on the ones you can realistically start ranking for.

Monthly Searches Help Strategize
Google’s Keyword Tool will also inform you on the monthly searches for keywords (approximately 12-month average of user queries). When you specify a country or a language in your search, you can also look into the localmonthly searches. So if you’re a local company or a company looking to expand nationally or internationally, this strategy will work to your benefit.

The Long-Tail Keyword Strategy
There is no way we can discuss keyword strategies without mentioning the importance of the long-tail keyword. It refers to the usage of narrow and specific keywords rather than going for the broad terms. An example of along-tail keyword strategy would be to target the phrase “youth education program Malaysia” instead of just the generic term “education.”


Go to
1) Enter a keyword you want to be ranking for.
2) Find out synonymous keyword combinations.
3) Choose one low on competition & with decent monthly traffic.
4) Write a blog post around it.

Tuesday, 20 September 2011

Tools to Help You Manage Facebook Account

1. Vitrue: This tool may not streamline all of your social networks like other tools, but they excel in making the most out of your Facebook presence. Vitrue helps you moderate the comments on your Facebook page, send targeted messages to people who have “liked” your company and more.

2. Buddy Media: This platform allows you to quickly and easily manage your Facebook presence by scheduling your posts and news feed messaging, helping moderate the comments on your page, and customizing the look and feel of your page.

3. mediafeedia: This free service helps you schedule posts, manage multiple accounts,
set admins, create custom tabs and notifies you by email of activity on your
fan page.

4. Conversocial: Meant for small to medium sized businesses, Conversocial lets you
set up automatic moderation to delete or flag posts based on keywords, drives all
comments to your email inbox, sets up a team workflow and provides limited analytics.

5. Sysomos Facebook Page Central: Facebook Page Central offers auto-moderation,
email notifications of posts, a dashboard monitoring key metrics and sentiment, and
identification of top fans and themes.

6. Facebook Insights: This may seem a little obvious, but if you are managing a Facebook
fan page, before you begin looking for more in-depth tools, make sure you
check out your Facebook insights page to see how many people are participating,
liking stories or leaving comments.

Google Tools - Google AdWords

Google AdWords is a provider of Pay-Per-Click (PPC) ads. It allows businesses to create ads and target specific keywords. As people search for these keywords, the paid ads appear in Google paid search results.

Does that sound confusing? Let’s break it down. For example, let’s do a search for a dentist in Cambridge, MA. As you can see in the screenshot below, there are two types of results that appear in results:

1) Organic search results:
These search results are earned by accumulating a lot of inbound links and SEO authority.

2) Sponsored links:
These are search results you pay for in order to rank for a specific keyword combination.

"75% of searchers click on organic search. Only 25% of online searchers click on paid results."

Google AdWords Offers Contextual Targeting
As part of the Google Display Network,Google partners with hundreds of websites, news pages and blogs that can feature your ads.“And similar to how it work swith Google Search, your key words determine where your ads are show non the Display Network,” Google’s Step-by-Step guide reads.

When you create a specific ad, Google can match it to a website it relates to. For example, if you’re a IT Entrepreneur and your ad is about a computer, it will fit in well with the Tech section of The Star Online. This is called contextual targeting.

In order to create engaging display ads ,Google will also provide you with a free Display Ad Builder tool.


Go to
1) Select a well-performing offer (a whitepaper, report, etc.).
2) Create a Google ad.
3) Design a call to action.
4) Launch and monitor performance.

Thursday, 15 September 2011

ISA is abolished!!

The draconian Internal Security Acts(ISA) in Malaysia is finally abolished. This hints that our general election is right around the corner. The announcement made by our Prime Minister in conjunction with Hari Malaysia 2011 which will be celebrated tomorrow throughout Malaysia. This is good news to our country as ISA has become purposeless and is protested by most Malaysians in our country.


Tools to Help You Manage Your Twitter Account

1. SocialOomph: Social Oomph allows you to automatically follow those who follow you, send direct messages automatically to new followers. Though this is essentially a Twitter tool, the professional edition handles Facebook as well.

2. Backtweets: A tool dedicated solely to Twitter, BackTweets provides reach and impressions stats, alerts you whenever someone tweets a link to your website, identifies influencers and integrates with Google Analytics to see how Twitter activity is affecting your website traffic.

3. Mentionmap: This visual tool maps out your Twitter network so you can see who you interact with most and what they’re saying. It’s a cool tool to find relevant people
to follow.

4. Salesforce for Twitter : This web-based CRM tool is now allowing existing customers to pull tweets from their Twitter account into the tool, making it possible to assign leads and monitor activity as you would with other contacts in the database.

5. Twaitter: This tool lets you schedule tweets, set recurring tweets, create and manage your “tweet calendar” and even translate tweets—all from its web interface.

6. TLists: The main function of this site is to search public Twitter Lists, but the stats that accompany the lists are great and allow you to see how often the list pushes tweets and what they’re talking about.

7. BrandChirp: This service makes it easy to find the people you should be following.
You can search for new followers by location, who they are following and keywords
that they have recently tweeted about.

8. Proxlet: Can’t find the relevant stuff on Twitter because you’re being bombarded by
a few overenthusiastic friends or chatter about a conference you aren’t attending?
Mute users, filter tags, or block apps to cut out the noise. The best part? It works
with other Twitter applications like Tweet Deck.

Friday, 9 September 2011

I ran into a stranger

I ran into a stranger as he passed by, "Oh, excuse me Please" was my reply.
He said, "Please excuse me too; Wasn't even watching for you."

We were very polite, this stranger and I.
We went on our way and we said good-bye.
But at home a different story is told,
How we treat our loved ones, young and old.
Later that day, cooking the evening meal,

My daughter stood beside me very still.
When I turned, I nearly knocked her down.
"Move out of the way," I said with a frown.
She walked away, her little heart was broken. I didn't realize how harshly I'd spoken.

While I lay awake in bed,
God's still small voice came to me and said,
"While dealing with a stranger, common courtesy you use,
But the children you love, you seem to abuse.

Look on the kitchen floor,
You'll find some flowers there by the door.
Those are the flowers she brought for you.
She picked them herself: pink, yellow and blue.
She stood quietly not to spoil the surprise, and you never saw the tears in her eyes."

By this time, I felt very small, and now my tears began to fall.
I quietly went and knelt by her bed;
"Wake up, little girl, wake up," I said.
"Are these the flowers you picked for me?"

She smiled, "I found 'em, out by the tree.
I picked 'em because they're pretty like you.
I knew you'd like 'em, especially the blue."

I said, "Daughter, I'm sorry for the way I acted today;
I shouldn't have yelled at you that way."

She said, "Oh, Mom, that's okay. I love you anyway."
I said, "Daughter, I love you too, and I do like the flowers, especially the blue."

Are you aware that: If we die tomorrow, the company that we are working for could
easily replace us in a matter of days. But the family we left behind will feel the loss for the rest of their lives. And come to think of it, we pour ourselves more into work than to our family --an unwise investment indeed.

So what is behind the story?
You know what is the full word of family?
Isn't that neat? 
Fill life with love and bravery and we shall live a life uncommon.
Don't just exist, Live Magnificently - Change is the law.

Tuesday, 6 September 2011

The Why of Facebook Likes

People say that there's a reason for everything, and in some cases there are three reasons. An example that comes to mind is:

"There are 3 reasons a person doesn't text you back. You've said something which upset them, you're starting to get boring or they've fallen asleep."
Like most people, I spend 5% of my time in Facebook replying comments or writing statuses, and 95% observing. Observing what people do, write and what they 'like', which then led me to notice the three reason they 'Like' things. And by things I mean status updates, wall posts and their comments. Fan pages, sixbillionsecrets, LGMH and others are too wide a scope to cover shall be left for another discussion.

1.They like the stuff which they have just read. Its as simple as that. It is the most acceptable and common use of the 'Like' feature.
2. They have no idea of how to reply to a comment in an appropriate way without creating an awkward situation. If they decide to not reply however, they might come across as snobbish. So they "Like" the comment with the hope that it will accepted as a passable form of response.

"Wtf is he saying??Whatever.. *Like*."

3. They are trying to get the attention of someone, usually a member of the opposite sex. They do this by going to their target(most likely a crush or someone they're trying to lure into bed)'s profile and "Like" the hell out of every status, photos, posts that they could find. It doesn't matter if they really like it or not. They seem to be under the illusion that the more they 'Like', the closer they are getting to the person. They think that they are merely indicating their presence, their creepy almost bordering on stalking presence to this person. This method does occasionally work but when it doesnt, which is most of the time, it leaves an impression something similar to this:


Question before we move on.. Would you post something you hate or don't like as your status or comment?
There is however, a type of "Like" which deserves special mention. I hate to say this out because a lot of my close friends are guilty of this. I've failed to understand why they do it. The people that i've asked about it also fails to explain it. The people who does it, im sorry to say FAILS!! They are people who "Likes" their own posts and comments. None of the three reasons above can justify it. Before everyone starts screaming No !!!, please think of the answer to the question above. It is shameless and pathetic really. Its like high-fiving yourself in public. Even the ones who like their own status can sometimes be accepted. People who like their own comments.. Fail.
May the fail be with you..
p/s: I look forward to people liking this post.. ;)

Masterpiece of 1c3^1c3^13a13y^

Saturday, 3 September 2011

Why Butter is more Appreciated than Jam?

1.An eighty year old man in an old Datsun car driving at the speed of 20 KM/h on a 80 KM/h road.
-    On the road, age is not an excuse to cause a jam. If you are 80 year old man you can still press hard on the accelerator. As a result, you can see middle fingers flying in the air at the poor old man.

2.A lorry carrying hundreds of tonnes of logs crawling up a steep hilly road.
-    The lorry driver might be having a good time with some fags while the drivers behind have already finished cursing his seventh generation.
-    ‘Kenderaan Berat sila ikut kiri’

3.Width of the emergency lane on a highway is smaller than a bus that is parked on it with no apparent reason. (Bus is to be blamed not the emergency lane.)
-    They are just a waste of space because they eat up lanes.

4.A police road block on a main road at the midst of a festive season.
- “Duit raya sapa mau kasi?”
- I think you readers understand better about road blocks.

5.A lady having a sweet time on a road.
-    A driver behind her muttered ‘ Why on earth she is so slow?’ – There were some vulgarities in the sentence and we have to censor it. I know you know but what to do.

6.Tapah is the famous R&R which becomes pit stop for west coast Malaysians and the best part is, during festive season although everyone knows it will be packed but still some try their luck.
-    Tapah R & R has become a tourist attraction spot and should be listed in Cuti-Cuti Malaysia.

7.The Malaysian bottleneck effect by Datuk Samy.
-    Three lanes squeezing into one single lane just like forcing yourself to defecate.

8.An accident on the opposite side of the road but the jam is on the other.
-    Every Malaysians need to catch a glimpse of the accident without failing to notice the vehicle’s number plate – ‘manyak ong wor’

9.Two tolls in a freaking short distance which is less than a kilometer (eg. Kajang Toll)

10.     The Malaysian Mentality
-    Jam is another culture in our country ( 1 Malaysia).

In a nut shell, butter is more appreciated and always better than jam 


in another word 


p/s : you have to think out of the box to understand better, if you can't find the box, give us a call