Saturday, 3 September 2011

Why Butter is more Appreciated than Jam?

1.An eighty year old man in an old Datsun car driving at the speed of 20 KM/h on a 80 KM/h road.
-    On the road, age is not an excuse to cause a jam. If you are 80 year old man you can still press hard on the accelerator. As a result, you can see middle fingers flying in the air at the poor old man.

2.A lorry carrying hundreds of tonnes of logs crawling up a steep hilly road.
-    The lorry driver might be having a good time with some fags while the drivers behind have already finished cursing his seventh generation.
-    ‘Kenderaan Berat sila ikut kiri’

3.Width of the emergency lane on a highway is smaller than a bus that is parked on it with no apparent reason. (Bus is to be blamed not the emergency lane.)
-    They are just a waste of space because they eat up lanes.

4.A police road block on a main road at the midst of a festive season.
- “Duit raya sapa mau kasi?”
- I think you readers understand better about road blocks.

5.A lady having a sweet time on a road.
-    A driver behind her muttered ‘ Why on earth she is so slow?’ – There were some vulgarities in the sentence and we have to censor it. I know you know but what to do.

6.Tapah is the famous R&R which becomes pit stop for west coast Malaysians and the best part is, during festive season although everyone knows it will be packed but still some try their luck.
-    Tapah R & R has become a tourist attraction spot and should be listed in Cuti-Cuti Malaysia.

7.The Malaysian bottleneck effect by Datuk Samy.
-    Three lanes squeezing into one single lane just like forcing yourself to defecate.

8.An accident on the opposite side of the road but the jam is on the other.
-    Every Malaysians need to catch a glimpse of the accident without failing to notice the vehicle’s number plate – ‘manyak ong wor’

9.Two tolls in a freaking short distance which is less than a kilometer (eg. Kajang Toll)

10.     The Malaysian Mentality
-    Jam is another culture in our country ( 1 Malaysia).

In a nut shell, butter is more appreciated and always better than jam 


in another word 


p/s : you have to think out of the box to understand better, if you can't find the box, give us a call

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