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Monday, 28 November 2011

How birds' poop have shaped the world and what we propose?

I am saddened with improper facilities for living creatures to perform their daily tasks comfortably.  There is been a lot of news highlighting this living creatures as they do makes public humiliation. There have been numerous report stating that birds shit found on numerous historical statues and building roof tops.

It has been reported most of them are crows, where they eat everything ranging from vegetarian to non-vegetarian. There was also incidents where politician were been under bird shit scrutiny. What's best is some of them believe that it brings luck.

Girl you are lucky to kiss me:LOL
Although this is not a serious issues pertaining the nation, but as 2012 nearing bird shit on politicians has been on the rise. This correlates with Nostradamus prediction on bird shit amount as we are closing 2012. There is high possibility these bird might be the source of 2012 demolition. Scientist in USA have started their research and experimentation on bird shit.

I am still a beginner but i won't let down my dad. I am his only hope.

But whatever it is, animal lovers said they will march for the rights of the birds to shit. This have caused a great turbulence in the ruling party as the have come under heavy scrutiny for bird shit rights lock down. Dr. animal lover said they will face, as long the birds obtain the rights.

We warned you. Didn't we? Then we are sorry.

Its been reported in CNN that bird shit have massively supported the global warming. US sectary have announced that they will launch war and its been reported they will fight birds with turtle shit.

We are ready for war. Look at my shit.

So, bird shit has caused a serious problems all over the world; we at freemahesa felt the obligation to bring back things to order. After much serious thinking with myself, I have decided that I will propose to our government to build public toilets for birds to shit. I think this will make our country to stand proudly in the eyes of world. This will make our country look better than the USA who goes to war against the birds.

Somebody save me.

Anything is BOLEH (can) in my country and to build public toilets for birds is one of the easiest job for our government. Its been announced that birds can recognize alphabets. So, we just have to have sign boards stating the direction of the toilets and we don't have to train them.

This proposal if its put into action will make our country popular and will be regarded as the pioneer in creative ideas and will awarded the Nobel. We will solve everyone's problem. We will be appreciated.

Hope this proposal will be considered.

Thursday, 17 November 2011

HIV is treatable

            HIV and AIDS as everyone to date thinks and feels, is the last thing for him/her to get ever in their lives. It’s equivalent to being a living dead as many presume. To everyone’s acknowledgment, HIV is treatable. To have a better understanding on HIV, you have got to know what CD4 is in the first place. CD4 is a lymphocyte or in layman a form of immunity that destroys any form of external infection. A normal CD4 count ranges from 500 to 1500. In HIV patient, the CD4 count is less than 400 and AIDS is defined when the CD4 count is less than 200. You do not die of HIV but you die of opportunistic infections that come along when the CD4 count is low or better said as being immunocompromised (decreased level of immunity). So, HIV is the same as Diabetes Mellitus. It is not curable but is treatable.
          So, here comes the question on how do we treat them. It is simple. Highly Active Antiretroviral Therapy or simplified as HAART is the choice of treatment for HIV patients. It is given in the form of tablets and its objective is to increase the CD4 count in HIV patients. So, it is best if HIV is detected early as to prevent the CD4 count from falling drastically. The management of HIV is almost the same as to Diabetes Mellitus which is to be compliant to the medications. Only those whom are not compliant will get AIDS and eventually be infiltrated by opportunistic infections.
           In the course of maintaining the CD4 count, a CD4 count which is more than 500 in a patient with HIV has a life span similar to normal healthy human being. There are even some HIV patients with CD4 count as much as 1500 and they are way more protected than any other ordinary healthy human being. So why the fuss of HIV and AIDS as this syndrome is almost the same as being diabetic? The stigma has to change and the world needs to know that HIV or AIDS is not the worst thing a human can get. And HIV is not only transmitted on those being promiscuous but also in those being blood transfused, drug abusers, vertical transmission from mother to fetus during pregnancy and also through needle prick injury. It is also only transmitted through blood and cerebrospinal fluid but never through saliva, tears, sweat, sputum or faeces. Everyone in this world needs to be drilled to the inner core of their souls with this knowledge on HIV and AIDS as to stop stigmatising this syndrome to being devilish.
            The bottom line is, if someone has HIV just think that he has diabetes. It is just the same and the only remedy is to be compliance to the medications given.


Wednesday, 16 November 2011

"Tuah" Harimau Malaya?

Mungkin ini adalah kebetulan. Jika kita imbas kembali kemenangana squad Harimau Malaya di Sukan SEA 2009 dan Piala AFF Suzuki 2010, Harimau Malaya bermula dengan langkah KIRI !!!                           
Dalam perlawanan pembukaan Sukan SEA 2009, Malaysia tewas 1-3 kepada Veitnam dan Malaysia berjaya menewaskan Veitnam di final untuk merangkul pingat emas. Dalam perlawanan pembukaan Piala AFF Suzuki pula, Malaysia dibelasah Indonesia 1-5 dan Malaysia memenangi piala tersebut dengan menewaskan Indonesia semula di stadium yang sama di depan kira-kira 100 000 penyokong tuan rumah. Berdasarkan statistic tersebut, squad bola sepak Malaysia bermula hambar, mencari-cari rentak permainan sehingga sampai ke puncak prestasi barulah menunjukkan persembahan yang memberangsangkan.            
                Tuah keduanya pula, jersi “away” Malaysia yang berwarna biru. Jikalau anda ingat, titik kebangkitan Harimau Malaya bermula apabila kita menewaskan Thailand 2-1 di Sukan SEA. Thailand merupakan pilihan ramai untuk memenangi pingat emas. Ketika itu, Harimau Malaya memakai jersi warna biru. Ketika menewaskan Vietnam di final juga memakai jersi warna biru. Begitu juga ketiaka memenangi Piala AFF Suzuki. Namun, ketika kelayakan Piala Dunia Brazil 2012, Malaysia juga memakai jersi warna biru ketika tewas kepada Singapura. Mungkin bukan rezeki kita.
                Berdasarkan prestasi Sukan SEA 2011, Malaysia bermula hambar ketika menentang Singapura. Akhbar-akhbar tempatan memaparakan tajuk berita “harimau tanpa taring”. Tetapi, kritikan inilah sebenarnya membawa semangat kepada squad Harimau Malaya. Prestasi pemain meningkat dari satu perlawanan ke perlawanan seterusnya. Namun, diakui banyak lagi yang perlu diperbaiki.
                Berdepan Indonesia esok adalah perlawanan penting. Walaupun sudah melangkah ke peringkat separuh akhir, kemenangan ke atas Indonesia boleh memberi laluan mudah ke perlawanan akhir. Tidak kira memakai jersi warna apa sekalipun, jika semangat Harimau Malaya membara di jiwa setiap pemain negara, Garuda akan ditumbangkan juga di halaman sendiri. Harimau Malaya merupakan hero kita untuk meyelamatkan dan memartabatkan maruah bola sepak negara. Ayuh, berjuang untuk memartabatkan maruah bola sepak negara.



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Facebook Fan Page: World of Lolz

LOL has been rated as the most used word on internet. The supposedly meaning of LOL would be Laughing Out Loud. As revolution began on the internet. LOL took many faces, P.O.V. and variations. Some of the variations would be LMAO (Laughing My Ass Out), LMFAO (Laughing My F***ing Ass Out), and so on. There was also this iPhone joke or the facebook father's status joke, where they misunderstood the abbreviation for Lots Of Love. Well, that's a bit of introduction to LOL.

So, talking about LOL - my friend came with the idea of facebook fan page. Its gaining its popularity now. It can be said one of the upcoming successful superstar page. I believe everyone should know about this, after all laughter is the best medicine and its free for all. Sorry to keep you guys with elaboration. Its the one and only 'World of Lolz'.

Before I talk more on the fan page. Let me say few words about the founder and a friend of mine. His name is Syafiq and he is tall. Not just any tall he is freaking tall. You can see him along USM main gate doing flash mobs wearing his hollow masks and he his blur during holidays. Okay, there is more like fun facts, was it? LOL. He is a pharmacy student in USM. Since he SMS-ed me the full name Ahmad Syafiq bin Ahmad Izani.
Syafiq aka Flash Mob Specialist
He said Shah Rukh Khan is not the only one who is handsome
p/s: I am not very sure of the theory

The Other Admin of World of Lolz: Wong Hon Kit (Nuttela Warrior). Something for readers: Syafiq sent me the facts and I chose the most relevant fact about Hon Kit, loves Nutella,LOL.Okay, hard facts, from Perak, Pharmacy student from USM. Awesome in English and Bahasa Melayu.
Wong Hon Kit aka Nutella Warrior
Sorry for the paparazi shot
p/s: this is not his real picture

Official Logo of World of Lolz
p/s: the kitten was not harmed in the process of photoshop
The Happy Moments of World of Lolz

We have a lot pages in the facebook but whats different about them. You feel you're at home. Everybody understands the jokes and its Malaysian style. Maybe I should say the one and only 1 Malaysia fan page for jokes. The admins are very committed, I mean they don't get paid but they love what they doing and others are happy. I see daily updates, even sometime hourly updates.

One of the best part is, the fans love to share what they find funny in the net on World of Lolz. I respect the admins for creating such atmosphere at the page for greater communications among everybody. Sharing is Caring though.

At first, I thought its gonna be just like another joke site, but the admins proved how wrong I was when they always had their David Blaine's tricks up their sleeves.

Some of the Jokes and Quotes from World of Lolz.

1. Math is the only place where I hear a person buying 60 watermelons.

2. Carbon dioxide is killing the planet. Please stop breathing. Thanks

3. Almost went to jail today, scared the shit out of me.
     Yeah, those monopoly games get pretty intense!

4. Saw a Chinese kid and a black kid wave to each other today. 
     It gave me hope... for another Rush Hour movie.

5. That awkward moment when you finish a math problem and your answer isn't even one of the choices.

You want more of it. Go ahead and Click Here. You will love them too.

All of my friends, love it. I think you guys will like it too. No harm caused during the visit of the facebook fan page. So no worries of medical fees. Its free and always will be free.

Laughter the Best Medicine - World of Lolz

Tuesday, 8 November 2011

Penang Free School?? What is it?

  The Penang Free School(PFS), founded in the year 1816 and it is by foremost the oldest school in the South East Asian region with its astonishing legacy to its production of renowned leaders and sportsmen. During its glorious days, anyone from this school is respected for their proficiency in English and for being an all-rounder either in studies or sports. The best lawyers, doctors, engineers, and entrepreneurs are surprisingly known to be graduated from this school. With all its fame in its golden era, come and have a look at this Grandlady right now. Almost everything has gone, torn and tarnished!

There are several aspects that I would like to touch on as to why the school has been miserably degraded. Firstly, PFS is known only to be sieved with excellent UPSR scholars but lately the school has been ‘upgraded’ to a partially boarding school and semi-scholars whom are good in sports are all infiltrated into the school. And that ignited the chain of problems to the school. With these semi-scholars, they intend to only be active in sports and neglect in their education. Since such establishment, the school’s uniqueness has been downgraded just like AirAsia, “Now everyone can fly” to PFS, “Now everyone can study”. This is ridiculous because being a premier school, its objective is to nurture excellent students and not just ordinary students. Since then, the statistic of achievers either in PMR, SPM or STPM is on downhill. To add on to this, the discipline of the students is getting worse as students from every walk of life are infiltrated to this school.


The quality of the teachers on the other hand is on the downscale as well. The younger generation of teachers are fonder of their salary instead of being passionate to their job. Only the senior teachers are dedicated to their students. So this nevertheless results in students losing interest learning in school. They either play truant or rely on tuitions to excel. This is extremely embarrassing as the school has lost its purpose. Why need a school? Just stay at home and relax instead.

The other thing is the assimilation of Jawi writings and such into the core tradition of the school is another form of breach to the school's originality. If it's an English school, let it be. Why need changes?
Lastly, PFS’s newer generation principals are lacking in quality. They are never dedicated to the school and never strive or sacrifice for the betterment of this school. The mindset needs to change. In my opinion, get a principal who is an Old Free because only an Old Free will appreciate the school’s pride and legacy. Every Old Free shall take this as a wakeup call to save our school from further deterioration! 

*This Article is Monitored by FreeMahesa. All are welcome for comments.