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Monday, 17 December 2012

Common Dilemmas in Hinduism ~ Malaysian Style Part I

Hinduism has been around for more than 10 000 years. Most of us practice Hinduism which is inherited from our parents. Whatever was taught to us, are what we are practicing now. And what we are practicing now is what we are going to teach our children. Most of us just practice without knowing the exact reason. There are things that need proper clarifications

  1.  There are many temples built in Malaysia. For instance, a religious event in Hinduism usually happens to be, those who can afford offer free food to all and for those in middle class donate money to the temple and making the temple rich and richer. And they feel that they will get blessings from God. Bear in mind no matter how much food you offer, God is not going to eat the food. The temple is so rich with gold where as our Tamil schools are still in poverty. Our Tamil students do not have proper tables and chairs to study. God seeks love and sincerity, not MONEY.

  1. 2.       Next, Thaipusam. It is actually regarded to fulfilling our vows. Some take “kavadi” just to show off, to impress other. I have a question. There are 3 people in Batu Caves during Thaipusam. 1 takes “pall kudam”, 1 takes simple “kavadi” and the other take “vette mulle”-the act of body piercing. Who gets the most blessing? Most of you will think that the 1 who pierces the body will get the most blessing. You are wrong. The fact is, the 1 who really does it for God with sincerity, pure intention will get the most blessing regardless of it being just a “pall kudam”. The concept is faith and love not the more you suffer, the more blessing you get. But some pierces their body for their own satisfaction not seeking blessings. Get your facts right, make appropriate judgement.
MU Kavadi

Livepool Kavadi

Multi-Storey Kavadi
  1. 3.       Moving on, the most common problem is having an encounter with the “samiyar”- those who claim to foresee the future. When I was a kid, aged 9 years old. He told me I am playful and naughty. My mum believed him as if he told something unusual regarding a normal child’s behavior  When I was 15, he told that my friends are bad company and if possible, avoid them. My mum believed him as if he told something unusual regarding a teenager’s lifestyle. When I was 20,  he told me I have a girlfriend and not to ride motorcycles, but at that time I did not have a girlfriend. His predictions were not true, yet my mum again agreed with him as if he told something really out of this world regarding a 20 year old. It was all fake, it is not called future sight, and it is mere facts and the most common behaviours at that particular age. Everyone can predict the future if they can explain a normal human behaviour depending on their on a guy/girl age period. If the “samiyar” told us that I had a gf at the age of 9 it is abnormal, and I would have believed him if the facts were true about me. Yet people still trust and pay money just to listen to so called future predictions from the mouth of a “samiyar”, at least rm 50 per consultation.  Recently he told me that I will be having a bad time and need to do a ritual, which will cost rm300. I did not want to do it. However, my mother did it for me. 1 month later the same temple where the “samiyar” was, robbed. I started to ponder, if he can tell me that I will be having a bad time, why didn’t he predict the fate of his own temple as well? I started to question about Hinduism,until I met a brother who knows about religion really well. He told me that never question the superiority of God. Humans are the ones who manipulate religion who their own benefits. Religion, now becoming more of a business, you need to pay money for everything. I think soon it will be just like in India where you need to pay money before entering temple. You need to pay more if you want to get nearer to the altar
              Part 2 is coming.......

Thursday, 13 December 2012

Selfish Malaysian

Being Malaysian is the next best thing happen to me.  A country full of diversity and consistently growing towards improvement. Now let see the ugly part of Malaysia. The keyword “SELFISH” will be the post for today. How selfish can Malaysian be in their daily life? Let me show you how three main races in Malaysia can be selfish enough to make other Malaysian miserable.

1)We shall start with our Majority group. These people are so particular about food. They have to fulfill halal requirement in order consume their food. No harm in that since it is compulsory in religious practice. They are too particular about Halal, to the extent that major portion of them do not go to a Chinese restaurant since the food might have contact with PORK which is “Haram” for Muslims. No harm in that also. Everyone respect your believes and follows. But they tend to forget that other races have such restrictions as well. Indian who follows Hindus religion does not eat “BEEF” or any product made out of cow. But still we can see that Beef served exactly beside chicken in almost every Malay Restaurant. Won’t they feel the same as how you feel about pork being kept near your food and eating at Chinese restaurant? There were circumstances where beef served in an official event and when there are Hindu participants questioning “Why beef? We can’t eat beef you know”, they will like “Ei, Korang tak makan daging ke, sorry sorry”. Is this the type of Ignorance we need in Malaysia?

2)Second of all, let’s see how our Chinese brothers and sisters make use of their selfishness. One word, “TRAFFIC”. This may seem like a stereotype but we will come across of this situation a lot in Malaysian roads. You may make your own judgement. First of all, most Chinese friends here use big and luxurious cars. What happens is tolerance of giving way for vehicle to enter in front of them. The distance might be reasonable for cars from left to enter right lane, but once this Chinese friend in right lane sees someone wants to enter in front of him, he will accelerate to the max not to give way for that friend from left lane. I don’t see how many seconds get delayed giving the poor man space to enter. In addition, if they had to change lane they will enter blindly by just putting signal (sometime no indicators) and expect others to give way for them. Next is the use of emergency lane as extra lane when heavy traffic jams. The ignorance takes place where emergency lanes are mostly used by motorcyclist to travel. They don’t give damn and use the emergency lane to move faster than other vehicles, forgetting the fact that everyone is in hurry. The worst of all they don’t care to use the left and right signal when changing lanes. Even they got honked; they pretend not to hear it. Basically every other race also does these mistakes as well, but our Chinese friend will be the professional leader in this case. Is this the type of Ignorance we need in Malaysia?

3)Finally, let us see our Macha, how his selfish acts creates nuisance for others. Whether it’s “Thaipusam” or “Thiruvila”(Temple annual celebration), only thing that run in their mind is alcohol and dance party in public. They place drink stall along the roads, and play a loud song with their extreme woofer so that they get people’s attention. They’ll just start to dance at every stall and dance like bunch of monkeys and scream their lungs out. And they call that “FUN”. If one stare at those groups of monkeys with hatred and the next thing you see is your head get chopped off. It supposed to be a holy event. Those who live in the surrounding gets disturbed by the noise made.  Worst of all, the drunken monkeys move around disturb the public. I think they can get all that in a PUB and DISCO rather creating your own DISCO and PUB at public. And the recent trend is that having the hand blower and blows the horn during at Thaipusam day. This is not football stadium; it is temple and a place to fulfill your religious responsibility. You are creating public nuisance by honking around. Is this the type of Ignorance we need in Malaysia?

Being Malaysian is not only about standing still for Negaraku and wishing Happy Merdeka during Independence Day. It’s about understanding each other and giving mutual comfort. Being selfish will only create Chaos not Solution. Every single one of us has flaws towards each other. Let’s rectify and create a more understanding society. Let’s throw away our selfish nature and work towards self-belongingness..  Malaysia Tanah Airku…..

Wednesday, 12 December 2012

Ultras Malaya : Bersama Selamanya

                Ditubuhkan pada tahun 2007 dan menggelarkan mereka sebagai Ultras Malaya (UM), sekumpulan penyokong kecil pada awalnya kini kian bertambah dari segi jumlah ahlinya. Sentiasa bersama squad Harimau Malaya disaat dijulang dan dihina. UM tidak peduli keputusan perlawanan. Bagi mereka, sokongan padu tetap bersama mengiringi pasukan kebangsaan Malaysia. Kini UM telah berjaya menempatakn nama sebagai antara kumpulan penyokong yang terbaik di Asia Tenggara. Bezanya UM dengan ultras-ultras negara lain ialah semua ultras-ultras negeri di Malaysia bergabung tatkala menyokong perlawanan Malaysia.
                Sudah lama saya menyimpan hasrat untuk bersama UM. Akhirnya, saya dapat bersama UM pada perlawanan tempoh hari menentang Thailand. Saya bersama seorang rakan saya dari Ultras Johor membawa saya ke Curva iaitu tempat UM berkumpul dan memberi sokongan padu di stadium. Hubungan antara ahli UM cukup akrab. Saling bersalaman dan memeluk apabila berjumpa, bukan sahaja sesama Ultras Johor malah dengan ultras negeri lain.

                Suasana di Curva cukup meriah sekali. Di situ, tidak kira anda berasal dari negeri mana, pandangan politik mahupun kaya atau miskin semua bersorak demi Malaysia. Saya terkejut dalam kalangan UM juga terdiri daripada golongan professional seperti doktor, jurutera, cikgu malah pegawai berpangkat tinggi.

             Sepanjang perlawanan, saya bersoak sambil bernyanyi. Saya amat kagum dengan Capo ( cheer leader) di hadapan yang sentiasa memberi arahan dengan bersemangat.Capo memandang komrads dan membelakangi padang untuk memberikan arahan. Saya rasa tidak ada 1 minit perlawanan pun yang Capo menonton. Bagi dia, sokongan padu untuk Harimau Malaya lebih penting.


                Ada 2 insiden yang saya ragui semasa saya di Curva

  1. Kami berdiri sepanjang perlawanan. Terdengar suara dari belakang yang menyuruh kami yang berada di hadapan supaya duduk. Setahu saya, budaya di Curva memang berdiri sepanjang perlawanan dan benyanyi bersama
  2. Ada sekumpulan remaja di hadapan saya yang duduk sepanjang perlawanan dan tidak turut bernyanyi bersama. Bagi saya, mereka hanya ingin bersama UM hanya untuk glamour.UM bukan untuk glamour. Tidak guna anda berbangga dengan UM jika anda tidak mahu mengeluarkan SUARA KERAMAT anda.
Perbualan dengan rakan-rakan dari Ultras negeri lain, saya dapati perkara menarik berkaitan UM

  1. UM turun ke stadium lebih awal dan sudah mula bernyanyi
  2. UM solat berjemaah di stadium sebelum perlawanan
  3. Bendera Malaysia yang bersaiz gergasi dipikul oleh sekurang-kurangny 40 ahli UM. Ini tidak termasuk Tifo yang lain
  4. UM antara orang yang terakhir meninggalkan stadium selepas perlawanan tamat.
  5. Semasa Malaysia menjaraingkan gol, saya melihat beberapa ahli UM menitiskan air mata tanda gembira.
  6. It is more than what you all think......

Bagi mereka yang berminat menyertai UM, amat dialu-alukan. Lagi ramai, lagi meriah. Tetapi, pastikan beberapa peraturan dipatuhi supaya semuanya berjalan lancar.

  1. Sila pakai kasut
  2. Memakai tshirt berwarna hitam atau jersi Malaysia
  3. Sila bawa mafla atau bendera Malaysia
  4. Patuh pada arahan Capo dan ikut
  5. Jangan malu untuk keluarkan suara anda
  6. Tunjukkan semangat kesukanan yang tinggi
  7. Buat persiapan awal dengan menhafal lagu-lagu UM supaya tidak terpinga-pinga semasa di Curva.


Malaysia is my flag,
Harimau Malaya is my team,
Ultras Malaya is my Family and
Hitam Kuning is my colour



Friday, 26 October 2012

The Tamil Movie Impact

        The Tamil movie industry also known as Kollywood has become part of the culture in the hearts of Tamilian throughout the world. The influence of the industry is that much to an extent of fans committing suicide for their heroes. It has become the way of living from childhood till present. In psychiatry, you will learn that the things that you come across in your childhood will reflect your adulthood. A good example is, most serial killers are found to have a very bad childhood; either they are abused badly or their family institution is ruined during their childhood.

         The whole idea of my introduction into this topic is to highlight the outcome and impact that has shaped the entire Tamilian community from the perspective that Tamil movies are something that cannot be separated from us at all. If you were to shoot a good Tamil movie, it comes with lots of risk in the industry. All because of the mentality of the audience whom only prefer love story and pure violence. Nonetheless, good movies (in the sense of having a good storyline and a good take home message) are also produced but very few in relative to other Tamil movies. Commercialization of the Tamil movies have ruined the basis structure of coming up with a good movie. Directors nowadays go in tally with the demand of the Tamil audience.

The Tamil community in general has always come to a downfall. The amount of violence amongst each other, jealousy, hatred and lust are all portrayed in most of the Tamil movies. Politicians from Tamilnadu are also very influential in the Tamil industry. Their political agenda is reflected from the movie we watch. As a result, many audiences are being brainfucked. The Tamil industry also tries to be innovative as most movies are too seasoned with the same thing. So they come up with new ideas and it all started with double acting or twin role in a movie. Later, it was more than 2 roles and things got hysterical in the industry with the act of 10 roles in one freaking movie. And they could not think of increasing more than 10, so they came up with the idea of conjoint twins which undoubtedly a ‘success’ in the so-called very innovative Tamil film industry. And they tried superheroes, deaf, dumb, blind, midget, schizophrenic and the list goes on. They just cannot think of making good movies of a normal human being. There has to be some form of defect in order to win the hearts of the Tamilians.

From the dress that you wear to the type of beard you want to keep are all influenced by your favourite heroes. The influence is so great that every Indian that you come across from the streets will be at par with the new trend. The impact is so deep that even a small difference you see in your hero will shape up your personality. You tend to imitate punch dialogues from the movie, the jokes, the way of talking and so on. Such influence can be good and can also bad.

            In conclusion, movies ultimately play an important role in everyone’s life. Your action today is part of the memory that is being projected from the movies you watch. So, in order to upbring Tamilians from all over the world, good movies are the only solution. The market for good movies will need the support from our community no matter who the actor, actress or director is and also if it’s a low budget movie. The support wholly relies within the community itself. Choose the movies to watch, kill the bad movies by boycotting them and support good movies by watching them. I am pretty sure the community will benefit from this and will have a better life than before. Let’s get it started! 

Wednesday, 19 September 2012

Women and their footwear

There is a reason why women spend hours to select and purchase their footwear. Let it be a normal footwear or wedding footwear, they (footwear) mean million things to women. Its not easy to choose a footwear, its easier for them (women) to choose a man but not their footwear. The footwear has to be matching with their dress, it need to suit the occasion and it has to make them feel comfortable and confident.

Cinderella could not have met with her prince charm if not for her footwear. Footwear means a lot to a woman, be honest with you comments gentlemen, if you know what I mean.

Ladies, below are the some of the footwear you might like. Let us know how you felt about the footwear.

A sexy blue heels for a sexy blue dress

Do you feel like adding cuteness to yourself? Try this!!!

Be Bold and Look Elegant

 Let everyone to sweat with this hot stuff

Let the thoughts get dirty

 They say million things, choose your footwear wisely ladies. We men do take notice. We appreciate your effort. Tell us which one will you choose!!!

Thursday, 13 September 2012

Apple's Iphone 5 and new Ipod with Revamped Itunes

Click the title.
Check out the details of newly launched Iphone 5  by Apple.

Wednesday, 12 September 2012

Samsung Galaxy Note 10.1 - What will you create?

GALAXY Note 10.1 places the power to create great things into your hands. Allowing you to write, paint, design, explore and discover a world of inspiration, all through the generous 10.1-inch display and advanced S Pen.

Opening up a whole new world of digital possibilities for how we think about pen and paper, there'll only be one thing left to find out. What will you create?

Note, the new way.

Samsung Galaxy Note 10.1 - What will you create?

Watch the below video and let us know what will you create?


When I watch this video I was like this


Tuesday, 4 September 2012

Lizzie Velasquez must eat every 15 minutes to stay alive.

The 21 year old Austin TX native has to consume 5,000 to 8,000 calories every day in order to keep from losing weight. She has to wear size triple zero clothes! She says she used to wear doll clothes as a baby, because she was born premature, at only 2 pounds, 10 ounces. She has zero percent body fat, and she is blind in one eye.

Doctors say she has neonatal progeroid syndrome, which causes fat loss in the face and accelerated aging. There is still not much known about her condition. Despite her condition, Lizzie has been able to do a lot of things. She has been a cheerleader in high school. She also runs her own website, she works as a motivational speaker, and she writes books!

Lizzie Velasques
She has normal parents, a sister and a brother like most of us but she has this rare disease. What is so impressive about her is that she is motivating a lot of people to become a better person despite of her down side.

This is an example of a great soul who lives beyond expectations and predictions. It takes a great courage to battle and motivate others to live. Learn while you can from her.

Beautiful people, beautiful answer: "People have asked me if I had a miracle or a chance to change the way I look, I honestly know I would never do that," she wrote. "God made me the way I am for a reason and I would never change that.  I lead a normal life as much as possible and deal with the bumps in the road as they come along with my head held high and a smile on my face!

Beauty isn't skin deep. Beauty is a smile that makes others feel warm inside. Don't strive to be "pretty". Learn that you're beautiful." ~Emily Grace

(Source 1| Source 2)

Article By: Zubio®
Inspired By: Butterfly

Monday, 3 September 2012

Alcatraz provided hot showers for its inmates to discourage them from escaping in the cold bay

Alcatraz the life on 'The Rock'
While it might sound like a hot shower as an escape deterrent is something prisoners would be totally fine with, today it’s just a common occurrence. The heyday of Alcatraz was a different story though. When Alcatraz became a prison in 1934, it was due to prohibition. 

It was the ideal spot at first due to the fact that it was cut off from civilization by the freezing waters and strong currents. If you’ve ever seen Alcatraz, you’d know it’s pretty small. In truth, it only housed 300 people at a time (one of which was Al Capone). Back then, no prisons in the US gave hot showers. Alcatraz was the first. 

Why? It was reasoned that if prisoners were used to hot water, they wouldn’t be able to withstand the cold bay waters during an escape attempt. Did it work? Apparently. Of the 36 who escaped, 23 were easily recaptured, 6 were shot to death, and 2 drowned from the cold waters. 

The other five are presumed to have drowned too. Alcatraz closed back in 1963 due to bad deterioration from the bay air- the same cold wind and fog that had made it so miserable for prisoners. X9FAVJTQHDQR

Other facts about Alcatraz:-
1. Also known as 'The Rock'

2. Used as military prison in 1868

3. Used as federal prison from 1933 until 1963

4. Operated for 29 years

5. The prison had a rule of silence in that inmates were not allowed to talk to each other during work, or during meals.

6. Badly behaved prisoners would be sent to "The Hole" for punishment, a primitive dark cell with nothing but a toilet and wash basin and be forced to sleep on the concrete floor and eat nothing but bread and water for a given period in solitary confinement.

Alvin "Creepy" Karpis
7. Alvin "Creepy" Karpis (who served more time at Alcatraz than any other inmate - 26 years) and he was also listed as Public Enemy #1 succeeding John Dillinger'

8. Al Capone served here four and half years and was transferred back to Atlanta after developing tertiary syphilis. 

9. Nobody as ever successfully escaped from here except for Morris and two other escapees but there is no conclusive evidence stating they were successful thus the case will remain open till their 100th birthday.

10. The prison was closed on 21st March 1963 by John F Kennedy because it costs more to operate than any other prison in USA.

Article by: Zubio®
Inspired by: ting-tong®, Sreefu & 1c3^1c3^13@13y^

Thursday, 30 August 2012

Fantasy Premier League - The Fantasy

    Here we are, in the beginning of the new Barclays Premier League and  there have been a lot of activity in the transfer market lately. New faces, new talents, new skills and new managers all set for the ultimate prize of winning the premier league crown. Last season, we all witnessed the rise of the "Blue Moon" ,yet "The Devils" kept the pressure mounting on them till the final seconds of the game, such a thrilling episode of the premier league.  Goosebumps we had, can never be matched by any movie and that is the fun of being a football fan. All of us, would like to see our team win the title, and a glorious opportunity to do so is by signing up and creating a team in the famous Don't waste the chance people! 

Here are some insights of the game and create your own team,  be sure to join this league - Code to join this league- 84384-27320.

     Moving on to, Robin Van Persie finally prevailed as the top scorer last season after a long run of jinx in his football career, mainly due to injury. Talking about injury, since RVP now a Devil, his counter-part in attack, Wayne Rooney had a thigh injury last weekend against Fulham and his return date is yet to be known. The departure of Song and Modric would probably affect our judgement in choosing  midfielders. Manchester City looks cool in the transfer market, perhaps they are lining up for a massive final day saga. Chelsea on the other hand, I have to say signing of the season so far

    Eden Hazard! The man with the most assists in 3 games so far. Have him in your team, and also Ivanovic, he had 24 points last week. Don't forget Swansea players, it seems they have improved a lot in terms of football and getting the job done. Vorm,Rangel and Michu, making it to the Dream Team. 

    Keep an eye on Fellaini and Pienaar, they seem to own the central area. Yaya Toure and David Silva, were good last season but this season seems like Silva has some problem being included in the starting line-up. Samir Nasri, is starting surprisingly after a long run on the bench. Tevez, should be a decent point scorer in the team if included. Southampton, Reading and West Ham United, newly promoted sides. Have a glance in their squad, maybe they are the key to out-run your fellow league competitors.
  Lastly, some information and statistics in Gameweek 2, 117-highest points, 51-average points, Rooney is the most-captained and Tevez is the most-vice-captained

Overall Dream Team players till game week 2,


Any questions feel free to ask us in the comment section. Do  not forget to invite your friends and family. May the best team win!  
Code to join this league 84384-27320.

Original Article by: ting-tong
Edited by: Zubio

Friday, 13 July 2012

The OSI Model Demystified

The Open System Interconnection model or normally known as the OSI model is one of the important topics in networking classes. The OSI model is the back bone of networking. All the protocols and connecting is made of OSI layers. This particular subjects seems to be a pain in the ass for the most of the students and they do not practice using the layers in the OSI model. Since the basics of their networking is not so strong, they tend to flip in their networking career. Here is my Advice for networking students PLEASE REMEMBER OSI MODEL. You guys will be using it the entire networking career.

Let's get it started. OSI model consist of 7 layers. Application layer, presentation layer, session layer, transport layer, network layer, data link layer and physical layer. If you find it hard to remember those layers, do not worry as you keep practicing you should be able remember it. I normally use a sentence to remember the OSI layers - 'Please Do Not Trust Sales Person Always'. So, in this way I would not forget the OSI layers. Knowing the layers does not make you look good but you need to know the content of the each layer.

The Seven Layers of OSI Model

Before we jump into the layers, you guys need to know about Protocol Data Unit (PDU). Think of PDU like when some asks you what is your weight? and you answer 65 Kg. So, in this case PDU will be Kg. In the OSI model as the information travels through the layers it will take different forms. To address the different form of information we use PDU. OSI model has 3 approaches-1. Top to Bottom 2. Bottom to Top 3. Divide and Rule. It does not what is your approach as long you understand the layers. In this article I will take the Top to Bottom approach.

Application Layer
This the layer where the human interacts with the computer to send or receive something.In this layer we have networking applications like web browser and email,i.e. Firefox, Google Chrome, Safari, Internet Explorer, Gmail, Yahoo Mail etc. Basically in this layer your computer receives information from user or displays information for the user, thus the PDU in this layer is User Data.

Presentation Layer
This layer helps to convert the user data into computer readable format. In this layer, you will have your user data converted, encrypted and compressed. Who makes it all possible is your Operating System (OS). Your OS is sandwiched between your hardware and software. How does your word processor i.e. Microsoft Word know what are you typing and displays on the screen? This is all possible because the converting process is done by your OS. To help your remember what happens in this layer think of OS and what is does. PDU in this layer is Formatted Data.

Session Layer
Session layer helps to establish, maintain and terminate communication with the other networking device. There are three types of session.
1. Simplex - Think of keyboard (Sends or Transmits) and monitor (Receives) its a one way communication.
2. Half-Duplex- Think of walkie-talkie where both also can act as transmitter and receiver but one has to wait to transmit or receive until the other side has finished talking or receiving.
3. Full-Duplex - Think of telephone, you can speak and listen at the same time. One can be transmitter and receiver at the same time.
PDU in this layer is still Formatted Data as no changes occurs to the data.

Transport Layer
The big chunk of formatted data will be received from session layer. The formatted data will be cut into few parts of small pieces. We call that segmentation. In a nut shell this layer breaks up the data from the sending host and then reassembles in the receiving host. PDU in this layer is Segments.

Network Layer
Network layer also known as layer and sometimes as 'Cisco Layer'. The device in this layer is router. So, basically if you know what is the function of a router, you will be able to explain this layer without problem. Segments will be received from transport layer and encapsulated. Think of encapsulation as putting a bread into a container. The same way the segments are put into packets and its called encapsulation. In this layer also we have, packet forwarding, packet filtering, Determines best path to send the packets (OSPF) and inter-network communication. PDU in this layer is Packets.

Data Link Layer
Data Link layer receives the packets from network layer. This layer consists of switch,network interface card (NIC) and ethernet port. If you know what is the function and use of each of the device, then data link layer shouldn't be a problem. Performs a physical addressing. The physical address is got from the NIC. So, if you know the use of the device you will be able to explain this layer. Logical Link Control (LLC) performs link  establishment (switch) and Access to media using MAC address. Here the packets will be put into frames. The next layer is the physical layer and physical layer can only understand bits. So, data link layer turns frames ===>bytes===>bits while sending to physical layer and changes vice-versa  when receiving from physical layer. Here we say, the data is transferred bits by bits to physical layer. PDU is Frames.

Physical Layer 
Physical layer receives the data from data link layer bits by bits. The device present in this layer is cables. The job of the this layer is move bits between the device. PDU in this layer is Bits.

That is all about OSI Model. Learn it and know it by heart and I am sure it will be worth full.
Please feel free to ask me any question regarding the OSI  model. I will be more than happy to help you out.Cheers.