Thursday, 30 August 2012

Fantasy Premier League - The Fantasy

    Here we are, in the beginning of the new Barclays Premier League and  there have been a lot of activity in the transfer market lately. New faces, new talents, new skills and new managers all set for the ultimate prize of winning the premier league crown. Last season, we all witnessed the rise of the "Blue Moon" ,yet "The Devils" kept the pressure mounting on them till the final seconds of the game, such a thrilling episode of the premier league.  Goosebumps we had, can never be matched by any movie and that is the fun of being a football fan. All of us, would like to see our team win the title, and a glorious opportunity to do so is by signing up and creating a team in the famous Don't waste the chance people! 

Here are some insights of the game and create your own team,  be sure to join this league - Code to join this league- 84384-27320.

     Moving on to, Robin Van Persie finally prevailed as the top scorer last season after a long run of jinx in his football career, mainly due to injury. Talking about injury, since RVP now a Devil, his counter-part in attack, Wayne Rooney had a thigh injury last weekend against Fulham and his return date is yet to be known. The departure of Song and Modric would probably affect our judgement in choosing  midfielders. Manchester City looks cool in the transfer market, perhaps they are lining up for a massive final day saga. Chelsea on the other hand, I have to say signing of the season so far

    Eden Hazard! The man with the most assists in 3 games so far. Have him in your team, and also Ivanovic, he had 24 points last week. Don't forget Swansea players, it seems they have improved a lot in terms of football and getting the job done. Vorm,Rangel and Michu, making it to the Dream Team. 

    Keep an eye on Fellaini and Pienaar, they seem to own the central area. Yaya Toure and David Silva, were good last season but this season seems like Silva has some problem being included in the starting line-up. Samir Nasri, is starting surprisingly after a long run on the bench. Tevez, should be a decent point scorer in the team if included. Southampton, Reading and West Ham United, newly promoted sides. Have a glance in their squad, maybe they are the key to out-run your fellow league competitors.
  Lastly, some information and statistics in Gameweek 2, 117-highest points, 51-average points, Rooney is the most-captained and Tevez is the most-vice-captained

Overall Dream Team players till game week 2,


Any questions feel free to ask us in the comment section. Do  not forget to invite your friends and family. May the best team win!  
Code to join this league 84384-27320.

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