Wednesday, 19 September 2012

Women and their footwear

There is a reason why women spend hours to select and purchase their footwear. Let it be a normal footwear or wedding footwear, they (footwear) mean million things to women. Its not easy to choose a footwear, its easier for them (women) to choose a man but not their footwear. The footwear has to be matching with their dress, it need to suit the occasion and it has to make them feel comfortable and confident.

Cinderella could not have met with her prince charm if not for her footwear. Footwear means a lot to a woman, be honest with you comments gentlemen, if you know what I mean.

Ladies, below are the some of the footwear you might like. Let us know how you felt about the footwear.

A sexy blue heels for a sexy blue dress

Do you feel like adding cuteness to yourself? Try this!!!

Be Bold and Look Elegant

 Let everyone to sweat with this hot stuff

Let the thoughts get dirty

 They say million things, choose your footwear wisely ladies. We men do take notice. We appreciate your effort. Tell us which one will you choose!!!

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