Thursday, 13 December 2012

Selfish Malaysian

Being Malaysian is the next best thing happen to me.  A country full of diversity and consistently growing towards improvement. Now let see the ugly part of Malaysia. The keyword “SELFISH” will be the post for today. How selfish can Malaysian be in their daily life? Let me show you how three main races in Malaysia can be selfish enough to make other Malaysian miserable.

1)We shall start with our Majority group. These people are so particular about food. They have to fulfill halal requirement in order consume their food. No harm in that since it is compulsory in religious practice. They are too particular about Halal, to the extent that major portion of them do not go to a Chinese restaurant since the food might have contact with PORK which is “Haram” for Muslims. No harm in that also. Everyone respect your believes and follows. But they tend to forget that other races have such restrictions as well. Indian who follows Hindus religion does not eat “BEEF” or any product made out of cow. But still we can see that Beef served exactly beside chicken in almost every Malay Restaurant. Won’t they feel the same as how you feel about pork being kept near your food and eating at Chinese restaurant? There were circumstances where beef served in an official event and when there are Hindu participants questioning “Why beef? We can’t eat beef you know”, they will like “Ei, Korang tak makan daging ke, sorry sorry”. Is this the type of Ignorance we need in Malaysia?

2)Second of all, let’s see how our Chinese brothers and sisters make use of their selfishness. One word, “TRAFFIC”. This may seem like a stereotype but we will come across of this situation a lot in Malaysian roads. You may make your own judgement. First of all, most Chinese friends here use big and luxurious cars. What happens is tolerance of giving way for vehicle to enter in front of them. The distance might be reasonable for cars from left to enter right lane, but once this Chinese friend in right lane sees someone wants to enter in front of him, he will accelerate to the max not to give way for that friend from left lane. I don’t see how many seconds get delayed giving the poor man space to enter. In addition, if they had to change lane they will enter blindly by just putting signal (sometime no indicators) and expect others to give way for them. Next is the use of emergency lane as extra lane when heavy traffic jams. The ignorance takes place where emergency lanes are mostly used by motorcyclist to travel. They don’t give damn and use the emergency lane to move faster than other vehicles, forgetting the fact that everyone is in hurry. The worst of all they don’t care to use the left and right signal when changing lanes. Even they got honked; they pretend not to hear it. Basically every other race also does these mistakes as well, but our Chinese friend will be the professional leader in this case. Is this the type of Ignorance we need in Malaysia?

3)Finally, let us see our Macha, how his selfish acts creates nuisance for others. Whether it’s “Thaipusam” or “Thiruvila”(Temple annual celebration), only thing that run in their mind is alcohol and dance party in public. They place drink stall along the roads, and play a loud song with their extreme woofer so that they get people’s attention. They’ll just start to dance at every stall and dance like bunch of monkeys and scream their lungs out. And they call that “FUN”. If one stare at those groups of monkeys with hatred and the next thing you see is your head get chopped off. It supposed to be a holy event. Those who live in the surrounding gets disturbed by the noise made.  Worst of all, the drunken monkeys move around disturb the public. I think they can get all that in a PUB and DISCO rather creating your own DISCO and PUB at public. And the recent trend is that having the hand blower and blows the horn during at Thaipusam day. This is not football stadium; it is temple and a place to fulfill your religious responsibility. You are creating public nuisance by honking around. Is this the type of Ignorance we need in Malaysia?

Being Malaysian is not only about standing still for Negaraku and wishing Happy Merdeka during Independence Day. It’s about understanding each other and giving mutual comfort. Being selfish will only create Chaos not Solution. Every single one of us has flaws towards each other. Let’s rectify and create a more understanding society. Let’s throw away our selfish nature and work towards self-belongingness..  Malaysia Tanah Airku…..

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  1. I have to be honest, when I started out reading I was preparing myself for a laugh, because who doesn't like a good rundown of others' misgivings? But as I finish reading I can't help but think your observations are grossly simplified or simply disingenuous.

    Few points I would like to point out:

    1. Not all Muslims are Malay, not all Malays are Muslims. Just like not all Chinese are Buddhists, or all Indians are Hindus. In fact personally I know more who are Christians than otherwise, but I digress. The association of a race as a solid representation of a religion is offensive.

    2. But if we're going to simplify things, a considerable section of the Buddhist Chinese don't eat beef either, well, technically they're not supposed to.

    3. Businesses have target markets. Majority of Chinese restaurants do display and serve pork products openly, and they do so because they have a particular target market; those who eat pork. Same as Malay restaurants they are catering to specific market. That's not racism. That's not stereotyping. That's not even being inconsiderate. That's business. And for what it's worth though I don't frequent Mamak stalls (because I don't fancy their cuisine, thus I'm not part of the target market) most if not all serve beef products. Just like Chinese restaurants, too! This point is just... dumb.

    4. Assholes comes from all walks of life, regardless of race, religion or status. I've stared at countless jerks who thought they deserve to overtake using the emergency lanes causing bottlenecks and blocking others to notice that they don't come majorly a single ethnicity.

    5. Public drunkenness? I've also witnessed loud obnoxious drunks from all races, from the Indians to the Chinese and even Malays. And they don't really need a holiday, just a quorum.

    To be honest I'm just disappointed because I sincerely thought this post would involve intelligent, insightful observations on the less than ideal behaviours of inconsiderate Malaysians. And it's Malaysians, because one can't be at fault for thinking such rude behaviours are instituted in the general Malaysian public.

    I'm also disappointed in your stated observations because it misses the mark in that the behaviour is rooted in Malaysians ,as in the nationality, and not in any specific ethnicity, religion or class. The 'stereotypes' observed aren't even stereotypes, unless we're talking about Malaysians. And worst of all, your post just isn't funny.


  2. Mr. Annonymous, did u even read the post? let me rebut all your points on behalf of the blogger.

    1)Not all Muslims are Malay, agreed. Mamak is also Muslim. Bt as u said Mamak restaurant most if nt all serve beef products. And Tat's the point of pointing Malays in tis case of serving beef side by side wit chicken. Nt all Malays r Muslims? Do u know the constitution of Malaysia? Do u know article 160 constitution of Malaysia? The article defines a Malay as a Malaysian citizen born 2 a Malaysian citizen who professes 2 be a Muslim, habitually speaks the Malay language, adheres 2 Malay customs, and is domiciled in Malaysia or Singapore. As a result, Malay citizens who convert out of Islam are no longer considered Malay under the law. So u were saying? If u wan 2 include the Bumiputra Sabah and Sarawak as Malays, pls find out the difference between Bumiputra and Malay. Other than tat none of the portion in the post solidly represented a race based on religion. Even they said "Indian who follows Hindus religion ". If the blogger said Indians generally then ur point is relevant.

    2)Nobody denied the fact tat section of the Buddhist Chinese don't eat beef. For your information there are section of Buddhist Chinese and Hindu Indians are vegetarian as well. so what's your point. The blogger is just giving a mere example of Hindu Indians dun eat beef. If u want to include the Buddhist Chinese as well, feel free 2.

    3)Talking about target market, u are talking about serving beef in a restaurant. but the blogger is talking about serving beef n chicken side by side or in contact.ur point is dumb as well. No harm in serving beef. But serving it side by side or in contact is not appropriate for Hindu Indians and section of the Buddhist Chinese as you said. But in Malaysia everyone goes everywhere to eat regardless of which race owns the shop. If the targeted market is only Malay communities, or saying it was targeted for particular race only, that is what we call RACISM my friend. A wise business man would not have one target market 4 ur information.

    4) I think the blogger agreed 2 the point "Assholes comes from all walks of life" when the blogger posted "Basically every other race also does these mistakes as well". Me from a Biker point of view travelling from Cheras 2 Damansara using East-West Link n Jalan Istana every morning 2 work knows how much risk I go through before reaching office. And I myself hv seen which group of people normally there in emergency lane n blocking the bikers way. Why not u sit at a few major highways n traffic jam hotspot and do the survey 4 urself. u do the head count and statistic accordinglly n prove the blogger wrong.

    5) I think u are not paying attention 4 wat the blogger trying 2 say. The blogger is nt talking about public drunkness, he/she talking abt the public drunkness during holy events. Imagine some buddhist chinese drunk and dancing in Buddhist temple or Wesak Day chariot or A muslim malay guy drunk dancing and creating havoc outside mosque during friday prayers. Is it appropriate? Hv u seen tis happened before? If u've seen tis I'm surprised. And hv u been 2 Thaipusam 2 Batu Caves or Penang. Have u gone 2 any thiruvizha? Dun tel me u've nvr came across this. If u nt then u r nt in Malaysia 4 sure.

    Honestly, dude u should go observe n try 2 change them rather than posting a pointless point. And worst of all, ur post just isn't intelligent. I don't think the blogger is trying 2 be funny. He/she is jus indicating our ignorance of MOST not ALL so that we can create a Better MALAYSIA. Microscopic changes is a NEED. If u keep denying these facts and finding for general flaws among Malaysians as a whole, trust me most organization colapsed due to minor glitches not major flaws. If u wanted the behaviour to be rooted wit nationality, first thing u shud do is a protest against RACE and RELIGION columns in any application forms. u should show ur objections against Economic Inequalities between Peninsular Malaysia and Sabah Sarawak.

  3. I think you just wrote yourself up a new article as a reply... you got trolled.. hahaha

    1. What if I say ur ARTICLE trolled me is a big joke Mr. Anonymous? hahahahahaha

  4. WTF u tryin to say Mr.Unknown??