Monday, 28 November 2011

How birds' poop have shaped the world and what we propose?

I am saddened with improper facilities for living creatures to perform their daily tasks comfortably.  There is been a lot of news highlighting this living creatures as they do makes public humiliation. There have been numerous report stating that birds shit found on numerous historical statues and building roof tops.

It has been reported most of them are crows, where they eat everything ranging from vegetarian to non-vegetarian. There was also incidents where politician were been under bird shit scrutiny. What's best is some of them believe that it brings luck.

Girl you are lucky to kiss me:LOL
Although this is not a serious issues pertaining the nation, but as 2012 nearing bird shit on politicians has been on the rise. This correlates with Nostradamus prediction on bird shit amount as we are closing 2012. There is high possibility these bird might be the source of 2012 demolition. Scientist in USA have started their research and experimentation on bird shit.

I am still a beginner but i won't let down my dad. I am his only hope.

But whatever it is, animal lovers said they will march for the rights of the birds to shit. This have caused a great turbulence in the ruling party as the have come under heavy scrutiny for bird shit rights lock down. Dr. animal lover said they will face, as long the birds obtain the rights.

We warned you. Didn't we? Then we are sorry.

Its been reported in CNN that bird shit have massively supported the global warming. US sectary have announced that they will launch war and its been reported they will fight birds with turtle shit.

We are ready for war. Look at my shit.

So, bird shit has caused a serious problems all over the world; we at freemahesa felt the obligation to bring back things to order. After much serious thinking with myself, I have decided that I will propose to our government to build public toilets for birds to shit. I think this will make our country to stand proudly in the eyes of world. This will make our country look better than the USA who goes to war against the birds.

Somebody save me.

Anything is BOLEH (can) in my country and to build public toilets for birds is one of the easiest job for our government. Its been announced that birds can recognize alphabets. So, we just have to have sign boards stating the direction of the toilets and we don't have to train them.

This proposal if its put into action will make our country popular and will be regarded as the pioneer in creative ideas and will awarded the Nobel. We will solve everyone's problem. We will be appreciated.

Hope this proposal will be considered.

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