Monday, 19 December 2011

Malaysians Are Not Racists! Trust me

I am brought up in a multi racial family. My uncle married to a Chinese lady, my aunt married to an Indian Muslim and recently my brother got married to a Malay girl. Sooner or later, my sister too will be married to a Christian guy. So I guess you can know what I mean when I say I am multi-racial. To add on to this, I am also partially adopted by a Malay family since the age of 9.

Throughout my life I grew up with a lot of friends from different racial and religious background. The segregation of race and religion is purely played by the media and the people to recognize and disintegrate all entities. Another thing that seperates us is the language barrier that has put us into different colonies. The stereotype of different races has also contributed to the extent of segregation. For example, if we see a lazy guy, we assume he is Malay, if we see a drunk man, we assume he is an Indian and we see a selfish guy, we assume he is Chinese. So, let me explain even more. 

The Malays are presumed to be lazy, drug addicts and have unlawful child. Just because the statistics reveal that they are mostly Malay, it doesn’t mean it must be Malay. We can’t conclude all Malays are such because only some Malays are involved and other races too have such issues. Besides, the Chinese are stereotyped to be selfish, money minded and inhumane. Are all Chinese rich? There are still poor or good Samaritan among the Chinese. Even other races have such negative attitudes. Other than that, the Indians are always either called drunk or being a gangster or both. Do all Indians drink? Are all Indians involved in gangsterism? Are other races all teetotalers? Ask yourself.

These are all bad teachings and propagandas brought to the limelight by old folks and medias to only segregate us even further. Malaysians must come to realization that our enemy is not Islam, Christian, Buddhist or Hindu. The real enemies are evil, corruption, criminals, cronies, fanatics, racists, bias and hypocrites. So, make good friends out of all races and religions and ensure that the bonds are strong. To be a true Malaysian, I give you a formula, please do not label individuals according to their race but to distinguish the good and bad ones. And let us all march towards Wawasan 2020 with the true spirit of 1 Malaysia.


P/S : This post is a point of view from a friend of mine. This does not reflect the attitude or behavior of the author. I am just conveying this message as I felt that the person has the value of being a true Malaysian.

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