Sunday, 25 September 2011

Google Tools - Google Docs

Google Docs are free online documents that can be accessed from anywhere, shared with your team and edited by invited collaborators.

What Types of Google Docs?
There are five types of documents you can create:
1.Word documents

Sharing & Full Access
After creating a document, you can share it with anyone who needs to view, edit or manage it.Once you are in the document, a share button in the upper right corner will allow you to edit the users who can have access. All you need to do is enter names/email addresses.

Scheduling & Efficiency
Google Docs helps you become efficient at calendaring and scheduling content.For instance, you can use Google spreadsheets to keep a running list of your blog post ideas and etc. In this way,you ensure everyone on the team is aware of your activities and can help out as necessary.

Content Creation & Collaboration
Google Docs helps with brainstorming new content ideas and collaborating within the actual creation process. Maintaining these docs, you can eliminate unnecessary meeting time and be more efficient.

Calendars & Meetings
Lastly, Google calendars also provide you with a helpful platform to stay organized, create reoccurring events and remember deadlines. At HubSpot, we even use them as a way to keep track of when our team members will be away from the office.

Go to
1) Select a content series (blog articles, webinars, videos, email).
2) Create a document around that content
3) Share document with co-workers.
4) Collaborate, modify and publish.

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