Tuesday, 6 September 2011

The Why of Facebook Likes

People say that there's a reason for everything, and in some cases there are three reasons. An example that comes to mind is:

"There are 3 reasons a person doesn't text you back. You've said something which upset them, you're starting to get boring or they've fallen asleep."
Like most people, I spend 5% of my time in Facebook replying comments or writing statuses, and 95% observing. Observing what people do, write and what they 'like', which then led me to notice the three reason they 'Like' things. And by things I mean status updates, wall posts and their comments. Fan pages, sixbillionsecrets, LGMH and others are too wide a scope to cover shall be left for another discussion.

1.They like the stuff which they have just read. Its as simple as that. It is the most acceptable and common use of the 'Like' feature.
2. They have no idea of how to reply to a comment in an appropriate way without creating an awkward situation. If they decide to not reply however, they might come across as snobbish. So they "Like" the comment with the hope that it will accepted as a passable form of response.

"Wtf is he saying??Whatever.. *Like*."

3. They are trying to get the attention of someone, usually a member of the opposite sex. They do this by going to their target(most likely a crush or someone they're trying to lure into bed)'s profile and "Like" the hell out of every status, photos, posts that they could find. It doesn't matter if they really like it or not. They seem to be under the illusion that the more they 'Like', the closer they are getting to the person. They think that they are merely indicating their presence, their creepy almost bordering on stalking presence to this person. This method does occasionally work but when it doesnt, which is most of the time, it leaves an impression something similar to this:


Question before we move on.. Would you post something you hate or don't like as your status or comment?
There is however, a type of "Like" which deserves special mention. I hate to say this out because a lot of my close friends are guilty of this. I've failed to understand why they do it. The people that i've asked about it also fails to explain it. The people who does it, im sorry to say FAILS!! They are people who "Likes" their own posts and comments. None of the three reasons above can justify it. Before everyone starts screaming No !!!, please think of the answer to the question above. It is shameless and pathetic really. Its like high-fiving yourself in public. Even the ones who like their own status can sometimes be accepted. People who like their own comments.. Fail.
May the fail be with you..
p/s: I look forward to people liking this post.. ;)

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