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Rape Victims - The Fallen Angels

One of the things that my mind or heart can't accept is rape. I just hate rapists and I wish there will be punitive punishments for rapists. I hope in the near future, rapists will have their parts cut and tattooed rapist on their fore head and let them live among the community. That just my angry part of my self towards rapists.
Well, today we will talk about not how to avoid rape but what you need to do and overcome the trauma after the dark incident. I will like to address the rape victims as the fallen angels in this post. Dear fallen angels I will like to say this all of you, just remember you guys are not all alone. You have us - the better community.

Here We go:

A: GET HELP IMMEDIATELY -  Even if there is not a scratch on your body, rape is an extremely serious trauma and a deep injustice. No one should go through the trauma of rape alone. You're probably going to need many kinds of help for at least a couple of months from friends, associates, and professionals. You deserve all the help you need, no matter what the circumstances of the rape.
A common problem for rape victims is that it's very difficult to ask for help because the rape has made them feel ashamed, weak, and wounded. If you're finding it difficult to ask for help, here's what to do. Pick a special friend and ask that friend to help you find more help. Ask that special friend to help you think of other people who would be good for different kinds of help. Ask your friend to make the phone calls for you.

B: ALWAYS HAVE SOME ACCOMPANY YOU - Whoever you want to meet with regards to the dark incident; let it be the detective, counselor, family members, friends etc. In fact it is a good idea to have someone beside you when you are making phone calls. Don't be alone in any circumstances. Be accompanied.

C: GET YOUR QUESTIONS ANSWERED ASAP - The longer the time taken to get answers for your question it make your anxiety level high and gets you more depressed. Throughout the dealing of your dark incident, ask whatever questions that runs on your mind and don't feel ashamed. You have all the rights and if the person is negligent call the person's boss and get things sought out. Don't Be SHY!!!

D: TELL YOUR PART CLEARLY - Whenever you make phone calls there is tendency it is answered by automated phone system, don't hesitate leave a message clearly on whatever you wanted to say. Always prepare summary of your case whenever you want to talk to the authorities. The intense emotions you feel following a rape can overtake you unpredictably, especially when you are talking with others about the assault. When this happens your communication can easily become fragmented, frantic, and incoherent. So prepare yourself what you want to say so that it helps the authority to build up a good case. Always keep a note book, write down what you wanted to ask and what people answered so that you remember. This will help you to stay focused throughout the ordeal.

E: NEVER MAKE DECISIONS ON THE SPOT - Always take time to give your decision, consult with your attorney or a friend before you make decision. You may never know how it might affect you later on. Always be cautious when it comes to making decisions. Wrong move can make you more traumatized.

Lastly, Remember you are not alone and do a little favor by making a police report and saving other women's pride. We stand against rape, mean while we do our best to help the fallen angels.

By not coming forward (about rape), you make yourself a victim forever

God Bless Us!!!!

These are the few things you could do, for more help and information click the link on the source.

In Malaysia All Women's Action Society takes rape seriously and you can get help from them.

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