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Author Battle Round 1

After having some serious discussion, the Team® has decided to have a Battle among the authors. It will be a one vs one battle and there will be a moderator. The rules are pretty simple where the moderator will introduce a topic. Any one of the authors may start writing on the topic. The other author has to comment on the writing of the other author and produce his piece own piece of writing on the topic. All this will be done in the post and the moderator is given the authority to interfere in any moment of the battle. The moderator may decide when the battle should end and decide on winner or winner by majority votes.

Battle Round One (1)

Black-Hat aka FreeMahesa         VS         JiNaDA aka Auditory-Illusion
Moderator : bhengbros@bheng

Mr.Moderator waiting for you to suggest a topic.

Thanx for inviting me as the moderator. I accept this suggestion with warm hands. Author Battle is a good way for healthy discussion.For now, the hot topic is about Malaysian football. I would like to suggest a debate topic on "Should K. Rajagobal resign as a national football team coach?" Black-Hat as the government and JiNaDA as the opposition. Let the war begin. Good luck my fellow authors.

By bhengbros@bheng

With respect to bhengbros@bheng, I would start my point by stating Malaysian football was never better than this. They have started to show improvements and they have put a good fight in most of the games. They have matured and created some good players along the way. Credits to Datuk K.Rajagopal. Referring back to the topic I believe K. Rajagopal should resign as a national football team coach but not from Malaysian football.

I believe he has more potential to develop young players rather than setting up a game play. He is a good coach, I would not deny that. We want some serious win and not lucky wins. For that purpose, he is not the man. He is capable of producing players but not a team. For an example, Let take look at the international coach Guus Hiddink, who proudly brought most of his teams to semi final in world cup as well as league. He is a strategist and he approaches the game with the team. This kind of coach should be the Malaysian Football Team.(p/s: I did not say we need Guus Hiddink).

Datuk K.Rajagopal's approach is not holistic and that kind of play will not garner Malaysia good win. We need a good team and good players. Now we have good players but not good team. We need to change our approach, therefore Datuk K.Rajagopal should resign and replaced by a coach who approaches the with the team.


First and foremost i would like to thank bhengbros@bheng for coming up with such a good topic to debate about for the betterment of our country's football. Regardless of the criticism directed towards Datuk K.Rajagopal, we should never forget the past. To me, he is the living legend for awakening our Tigers from a deep sleep. He has refurbished the whole National team by instilling courage, discipline, better teamwork, good gameplay and to bring young players to the limelight. The revival has led Malaysia to their fifth SEA Games gold medal and also led Malaysia to qualify for the second round of the 2010 Asian Games as one of the best four third-placed teams after a lapse of 32 years. Besides that, Malaysia has also won the 2010 AFF Suzuki Cup title for the first time in their history under the management of Datuk K. Rajagopal.

To my amusement how is it possible  to allow K. Rajagopal to resign as a national football team coach but not from Malaysian football? He is in the hearts of every Harimau Malaya supporters and I believe he is the all-time best coach that our country can have. He is a local who understands the local ingredient of our National football and with his strategy and companionship,I believe we can strive even further. Nevertheless, this is surely not the right time to allow him to resign as the National coach as this is the reign of our National football team. If he is blamed to be too adamant, I believe the best managers in the world are mostly adamant.

I would like to stress once again that K.Rajagopal should not resign as the national football team coach at the time being.


Thank you to Black-Hat and JiNaDA. Well, both authors have come up with their points. For the next round, each author has to oppose the points that had been suggested. We will start with  Black-Hat and the followed by JiNaDA


Dear JiNaDa please don't start vomiting in the post even before you analyse my sentence. I am asking him to resign from the National Team which means he won't be coaching the National Team, he will use his expertise to nurture the players form young. I wish he could be in the root level training because his expertise is to create the players. So, I don't understand your maturity level when you wrote this "To my amusement how is it possible  to allow K. Rajagopal to resign as a national football team coach but not from Malaysian football?".Seriously I am amused with you now.

Yes, I never denied his victories. Look for an example, the England National Team has one of the best coaches and every year they will loose in penalty and nobody bothered to rectify it and everybody blamed luck. I don't want this to happen to our national team. We need a person who approaches the game as in a whole and not having one or two players whom are awesomely good. All this while everybody was commenting and criticizing on the defense and people still are talking  about the loopholes which is like the holes in my shower cap which is just too many. What did Rajagopal do?


Dear Black-Hat, like what I have mentioned before unless if your eyes were covered with your black hat, I would like to say it once again that K.Rajagopal should not resign as the national football team coach at the 'time being'. I partially agree with you that K.Rajagopal has to nurture the players from young at the root level but this is not the time yet. This is the reign of our national football team and I strongly oppose for a substitute for K.Rajagopal at the time being. I disagree with Black-Hat that we need 'a person' who approaches the game as in a whole. The football committee such as FAM and the programmes run such as Tunas Cemerlang, Bukit Jalil Sports School and others play the role in nurturing young players from the root. 

Being the head coach, K.Rajagopal's duty is to manage the team, to choose the best players for the national team, to form strategies, to strengthen the weakness, and to train the players to be fit for every match. Coming back to your point once again Black-Hat, to nurture a player from the root needs programmes and projects facilitated by the FAM and not by a single living legend. Black-Hat, K.Rajagopal is not Vijaykanth to do every single thing for our football team. There are divisions of positions and roles in the football organising committee to do so. Please get your definition right!


Thanks to  JiNaDA and Black-Hat. Well, both of the authors have come up with interesting points. To me,honestly, I never felt this proud with the Malaysian football team as I am now. Before this, I had never worn a Malaysia football jersey. After wining the SEA Games gold medal and AFF, I can see many supporters wearing Malaysian football jersey. Besides that, the gameplay of Malaysian team has changed since K. Rajagopal took over. Our players have developed and become more matured in controlling  the ball so often so that the opponents do not have a chance on ball possession.

However, Malaysia lost to Singapore in the World Cup qualifying round. I generally felt that most Malaysians are angry not because we did not qualify to the next phase, but because we lost to Singapore. The fact is Singapore has a good team, they even ranked higher than Malaysia in the current FIFA world ranking. But, I still felt that we can actually progress to the next phase if we can control the game in Bukit Jalil. However, our players' attention was swept away by the Singapore players' drama.

I still cannot find a good reason for K. Rajagopal to resign. What can they give as a reason? We should win all the time, we cannot lose? If K. Rajagopal resign, who is the candidate to replace him? If there is someone that can replace K.Rajagopal, I hope that he would be a Malaysian coach because I saw a banner in Bukit Jalil stated ;


I had voted. For the final result, let the people choose.


p/s : To vote for the best author, please cast at the top-right of the blog.

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