Thursday, 18 August 2011

Concerned Citizen / Netizen of the Indian Society

Dear All,

I believe our IPT students can differentiate between good and bad, hope they will not buy the idea propagated by cheap mindset political leaders which will make our community begging for basic necessities- I truly cannot understand what is there to celebrate about for food and facilities going for temple for IPT students. I thought food is basic need and practicing religion is basic rights under the Malaysian constitution. The leaders must be accountable for this to Rakyat without assuming  these as privileges. Until when we are going to beg for our basic needs and rights?

We are going to celebrate 54th  years of independence but what is our situation now? Just for thoughts, we are facing problems from labor ward to graveyard. ( Partly our community members and leaders setback as well)

1. We still have BC & IC issue
2. Lack of facilities in Tamil school - pre independence school building still in use
3. Less than 28% of SJKT have preschools - but KSSR designed in consideration these pupils attended    preschools ( approx. 23k pupils age of 5 & 6 didn't attend preschool)
4. Only 30% of SJKT have computer labs ( not sure how many still in operation) in current IT age.
5. Government promote "1 murid 1 sukan" but most of our school didn't  have minimum size of playing field.
6. Most of the school didn't have proper science or living skills lab
7. 18% of our Tamil school teachers are untrained teachers
8. Most of tamil school land owned by private company or individual
9. Interlok ????
10. SPM 10 subjects - consequences on Tamil language & literature
11. STPM - why become less popular among indian students - they willing take loans and enroll in private institution even stpm is almost free of cost?
12. JPA / other scholarship - One of the top national secret
13. Critical / professional course enrolment in IPTA - what is the number and progress?
14. Employment rate after graduate ?
15. Access to micro and macro credit facilities for our young entrepreneurs?
16. State welfare support reach-ability to our poor peoples?
17. Poverty eradication success rate ?
18. Anti social activities among our youth?
19. We are struggling to gather 6 k youth to enrol in skills training institutions but an indian based party have 3k branch leaders nationwide. Why not the leaders recruit 2 people per branch - in future his/her total generation will be uplifted
20. We offer incentives to encourage leaders to put effort to make people register as voters - What is our patriotism level? (a  friend of doing it voluntary by age of 20 as part of his national service)
21. Temple issue - when we are going to have standard way of build and maintaining the divine place?
22. Authorities are aggressively promoting support programmes for single parents but what is divorce rate in our community & what are the preventive measurements???
23. Almost alternate day we can read about house land and grave yard land issues in our dailies.

I believe there will be more issues and partly is our community members' fault and irresponsible mentality that leads to these problems. As responsible community members and accountable leaders, they have to rectify the core issues which rape our community's progress.

How many of these problems have been given deep thoughts, debated, developed action plan and implemented, monitored and evaluated  in recent so called sole indian representative AGM's?

But despite all the above, we have great achievements that have made our community and country proud. Thanks and salute to them for their efforts.

Salam Merdeka

Upcoming posts will be more on this with statistical review and proofs.

Original Content by : Shivvaa

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  3. Thanks for highlighting the Indian Community Problems. Do visit my blog, support in a way you guys can. Together we can make a difference. For Better Malaysian. Tanah Tuupahnya Darahku!!!!