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Malaysia is better than Japan, unbelievable?

During the regime of Tun Dr. Mahathir , he came with an idea of “Look to the East” policy, which means to take examples of the Eastern countries such as Japan and Korea to build an advanced nation. Most of the Malaysians agree that Japan is a better country than Malaysia in many ways. Japan even said to be 50 years ahead of Malaysia which means whatever that present now in Japan only can be seen in Malaysia in 2061.
But, does any Malaysian ever thought that Malaysia is much more blessed with many things? Let’s see:
      1.       GEOGRAPHY

Japan is situated in the “Pacific Ring of Fire” where they are prone to different types of natural disasters. Tsunami, earth quake, volcano eruptions  and so on. We should be thankful that we are in the safe zone.
      2.       NATURAL RESOURCES

Japan is a country that advanced just by their fishing industries. They have one of the largest fishing industries in the world. Nevertheless their economy is through advancement in technologies and automobile industries. As for Malaysia, since before independence, the British came to Malaya for its natural resources. Timber is a valuable source that the British really wanted. Other than that, we have rubber industries which were high in demand in  the global market once a upon a time. We also have petroleum. Although our petroleum production is not one of the biggest in the world, but thankful God blessed us with it. Besides that , we also have oil palm and other productions.
      3.       POLITICS

Japan politics are always not stable. Japan had 61 Prime Ministers  from 1868 till now. Some of them had the post for more than once.  For the past 10 years they had 6 prime ministers. Malaysia politic can be said in a stable condition. Since independence in 1957, Malaysians had 6 PMs in 54 years. There were 2 PMs for the past 10 years and it has been Barisan Nasional Coalition which was formed in 1973 as the successor to the Alliance (Perikatan) as the ruling party.

     4.       CATASTROPHIC

Hiroshima was bombed on the 6th of August 1945 while Nagasaki was bombed on the 9th of august 1945. That was the end of World War II.  After the bombing, there was nothing left. It was all gone. You can stand at one end and you can see the other end. Most of them also suffered from chemical diseases and radiation over the years. Malaysia, thankful nothing like that happened.


Before & After

A baby after the catastrophe

But today, this is how Japan looks like. None will believe that a nation that had been blasted by 2 atom bombs has stood up so fast like this.
Does anyone wonder what had made Japan to be like this?


This is the only factor that Japan beats Malaysia. Their citizens. Yeah it’s their people. After the World War II, the Japanese took oath to build their nation that will be amazed by other nations. They had proved that. From my further readings, I found interesting stories about the Japanese.

      1.       4 hours sleep a day is enough for them
      2.       Most of the will read book and not waste their time waiting for public transport.
      3.       They have a great patriotism toward their nation. They will stop their car and stand by their car if their     
            national anthem is played.
      4.       “Kamikaze” means no fear to die.
      5.       Japan's literacy rate is almost 100%.
      6.       Average life expectancy in Japan is one of the highest in the world. Japanese people live an average of 4 
            years longer than Americans. This is because they practice balanced diet.

Well, most Malaysians had to agree that we lose in this aspect.  Do we really respect our national anthem? Do we always complain that we are unfortunate to be in Malaysia? Ask yourself.

It is not matter what the country had done for you; it is what you had done for the country.
So,what had you done for your country?

Come on fellow Malaysians, buck up and push the limits.
We stand together, without any racial, social, demographic differences. Stand as one for our beloved Malaysia.



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  8. Not many countries can compared to Japanese for their initiatives, resolved, dedication,passion and discipline in doing things right to their best ability. Therefore it is great honor to play second fiddle to Japan. And this gives Malaysia great encouragement to further invest on human competency development.

  9. Anonymous27 May, 2013

    Politics wise,
    Snakes! Snakes EVERYWHERE!