Monday, 22 August 2011

Author Battle Round 2

After successfully ending Author Battle Round 1 we have come with Author Battle Round 2. Before anything congratulations to JiNaDa aka Auditory_Illusion  for winning the round one against Black-Hat aka FreeMahesa.
This round 2 will be a battle between Butterfly aka Space_Efficient and JiNaDa aka Auditory_Illusion.

Moderator : Black-Hat
Topics : 1. London Riot - Who to be blamed?
             2. Women deserves a greater role in the administration of a country.
             3. Man spend wiser than women.
             4. Malaysian are united, disunity is created by the government controlled media.
             5. Censorship in Malaysia is still bearable.
             6. Pre-marital sex is may be morally wrong but it is still acceptable.
             7. Malaysia is moving backwards economically and socially.

Dear authors please select a topic and let me know. We shall begin with the introduction given. All the best to Butterfly and JiNaDa.

The topic has been selected and the topic is pre-marital sex is may be morally wrong but it is still acceptable. JiNaDa says YES to pre-marital sex while Butterfly says NO to pre-marital sex !!!!

Introduction by FreeMahesa aka Waste_Space : 

Pre-marital sex is defined as sexual intercourse regardless of sex before marriage. This battle will solely focus on pre-marital sex not on gender and sexual preference based arguments. Therefore I advise the battling authors to stay focus. This round agrees pre-marital sex is morally wrong as we have to adhere the Malaysian law. Preferably arguments should be based on the other factors that contribute and the consequences. The longer the intro the more I troll. Lets Begin the Battle with JiNaDa. All the Best Battling Authors.

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  1. i vote for the second last topic.

    "Pre-marital sex is may be morally wrong but it is still acceptable"