Saturday, 31 March 2012

True Football Fan?

      Well, I had to say at first I am a stalwart Liverpool fan. But, I am not the one who likes to criticize other teams whenever they lose even though they usually do that when Liverpool does not perform and loses the game. I just want to share my feelings on today’s so called football fan.

      I would like to start with a Liverpool supporter.  I always update myself with Liverpool team’s news. I watch all EPL games and champions league. However, I won’t watch League cup and FA cup. I do watch only Liverpool qualify till at least quarter final. There is a friend of mine who so called a Liverpool fan. He talks big as though his is number 1 Liverpool fan. But, not a single game of the season he has watched!! Usually he says he had work to be done. Have to study and so on. It is okay with me. Liverpool vs. Manchester United is one of the most important game is EPL, he doesn’t watch that game. At the end of the game, I had to be the football analysis, saying everything to him, whether Gerrard has played well or not and so on.

      Another friend of mine which I get to know 5 years ago, he was a book worm. He won’t watch football. Whenever we (group of friends) are going to watch the game, he will ask, “why bother wasting your 2 hours for watching the games? See the newspaper next day, you will know the result.” I don’t really bother about him because, he is like what can I do? What really bother me are the past few months. The same guy is posting status in FB about Manchester United. I think he had become a Manchester United’s fan. It’s ok and very much astounding. Good for him .He has a life. But, what makes me angry is he started to condemn all other teams. Come on bro, you just started to watch football and support, don’t be too arrogant. I had respect to all my other Manchester United’s fan friends, because they stood up, they supported all the time. They supported Manchester United, when the team suffered defeat, but this guy?  Not at all!

      Every single man loves if he finds a girl who loves watching football. The best example would be Jay Menon. Tell me, who doesn’t love her? Anyway she’s hot. But girls please don’t update you Facebook status if you got no clue about what happened in the particular match and claim yourself as a goddess of football world. Girls please behave. We always love a girl who talks and watches football, because we think that’s sexy for a girl. But when you get mixed up with the facts on football, trust me girls, you will become our best enemy.

      I seriously don’t understand this situation, people support a football club just because they want to celebrate or win. Most of them are Manchester United’s fan. My cousin who is a 5 years old supports Manchester United.  I wonder why he chooses Manchester United. I asked him. He said, because of Cristiano Ronaldo. So now Ronaldo is in real Madrid, so you support real Madrid? F*** You. If that is the case, do not claim that you support the team, you should be claiming that you support the player.You support a team because of their play style, strategy, creativity and it makes you happy whenever they play.  When, Steve Mcmanaman left, Owen left, Torres left, Alonso left, and I still support Liverpool. Stupid kids! (P/S: 5 years old cousin refers here to the people who have such mentality)

Original Article by: bheng
Modified by: freemahesa

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