Monday, 7 January 2013

Comedy Macha's & Machi's - M33t Kayh3ll Sareke, Lov3r B0y & damaging photo edits

Have you ever seen this kind of ‘wr1t!nq’? Have you seen this kind of name in facebook ‘PurpleholiC Princezz BabylioUs (Kayhell SareKe)’? Have you come across a bad English like this ‘I dirfereent and I am a Loveboy’? Have you seen some gangsters with glittery editing with paint program saying ‘hidup sampai mati’?

Few years back, I came across this kind of rubbish and thought may be this was the trend but thanks to almighty I did not happen to follow the trend. I felt that those people were seriously retarded and need to be kept away from community. They were serious danger to civilization that thought the world how to live.

Few days back, I was introduced to a facebook page called Comedy Macha’s & Machi’s. They are doing some good stuff over the page. The very much needed community service did some good. If you are unable to stand stupidity, death of culture, English & Photoshop and spongebob square pants gangsters, I highly recommend you to meditate for minimum of two hours before going through the page. 

As in words of the page’s admin:
Ppl, the idea of this page is: 

1) To make fun and have a laugh.
2) To create awareness among us, so that we will let others who does this things that are posted, know how it is degrading to be looked down.
3) To instill some sense so that when our kids grow up, we can show them this is how we don't want them to end up at the end.

In no particular instance of a thought has it been that this page would be used to humiliate others. It has never been like that and it will never be like that :) 

You guys should take a look at the page. Trust me; you will be surprised with the amount of stupidity that has been around us all this while and we never realized.  You will feel sad for this kid. They think it’s cool but they do not know they are making fun of themselves.

You can see in the page, some of them had no idea their real name was more beautiful than ‘Wh@t3v3R Sh!ttY N@m3’ they had before. Some of them thanked the admin for pointing out. As usual, some retaliated and obviously made a fool of them.

I guess the page had served its purpose, but few things we felt that need to be given some special attention by the admin. One of them would be using profanities in comments and posts. We understand that it would be hard to monitor all of them. We appreciate that admin have asked the fans to minimize profanity but ‘Sonna Engeya Kekarainge?’ So, our simple message is try to educate rather than insulting.

We also appreciate the admin’s openness in apologizing for wrong posts and congratulating those who turned a new leaf. wishes all the best to Comedy Macha’s& Machi’s for their effort. This article was written to appreciate some best efforts to make humans – humans. 

For the words written in the alien or shitty language, please refer below. Thank you.

1.       wr1t!nq – Writing
2.       PurpleholiC Princezz BabylioUs (Kayhell SareKe) – Purple Holic Princess Baby Delicious (KL Lady)
3.       I dirfereent and I am a Loveboy – I am different and I am a Lover Boy
4.       hidup sampai mati – Live till Death
5.       Wh@t3v3R Sh!ttY N@m3 – Whatever Shitty Name
6.       Sonna Engeya Kekarainge – They would not listen even if I told them

If you need definition for some of the words used in ComedyMacha’s & Machi’s, feel free to ask us in the comment section. We will strive hard to explain based on our experience and expertise.

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