Friday, 20 April 2012

Condos For Rent in Penang

Lately, have you been looking for condos to rent in Penang? If you do, then you have come to the right place. Recently I came across this website, where they list the condos that you can rent in Penang. They have variety of condos listed for you to choose and the prices okay and you can always choose what is best for you. They are known as PropWall. It is basically a Malaysian property website.

The site that provides the information would appeal to the average person in the way that it is very simply done, and everything is very easy to find.  There is no messing around here, just the information that they want to convey presented in the simplest way possible. The navigation part of this website is user friendly.

The layout makes you feel comfortable with the site because as I said it's very simple- title, links, text. The design is very effective.  I like the way they have added the little tab at the top for the links to sit in, it's a very clever idea.

Graphics are kept to a minimum which is great because the load time is cut down. It is very easy to navigate  through the site  because you know the links are  going  to be at the  top  of  the  screen  no  matter  what.  The consistency of the links really adds to the ease of navigation.  The blue, white and green color scheme goes together very well.

The website also gives you the search option. I think that would be much help, rather scrolling down and navigating to all the pages. They have also listed areas in Penang with available number of condos for rent. This just makes things easier for us to search. Its a good idea to have such section and I think its basic that all the websites should have.

To put in a nutshell, the websites is straight to the point and gives you the information that you need. This website would be just the right website for you find a condo to rent in Penang. Almost 4000 condos are listed in the website for rent and I am sure you will be able to find the most suitable condo for you to rent.

Here is the link for you to visit: Penang condos for rent

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