Saturday, 19 May 2012

Man vs. Woman - The best battle on earth

It is the longest debate and discussion on earth and it is still interesting because the topic is so close to each of us. We just can’t exist or live without each other. It is the by nature we are attracted to the opposite gender (P/S: I do respect homosexuals as much I respect heterosexuals but sexual preferences is not an issue here, so please do not judge me based on this article).

The one question that man can never answer till today and the most infamous question is how to understand woman? Let me tell you something about that, there is no answer for that question yet. We are still looking for the answer. You just can’t understand them, they are always unpredictable. Surprisingly man has survived till today, so hope for the best my fellow men.

Well, don’t worry girls, you girls do have an unanswered question about man and that would be how can a man sit for half-an-hour and they don’t think of anything? Woman trust me, we men have the ability to just sit and look at an empty space and not to think of any. In that particular circumstances you women going to ask us the question and honestly the answer is always going to be nothing. But if you do get an answer, it’s either lie or some thoughts that has been lingering around his mind for some time.

When you are in serious relationship, hell yeah! Shit got serious. First few months, I would say it’s a honeymoon period and everyone will be very loving. As the months starts to flew, that’s where the curtain unfolds and the epic drama begins. Those who manages it well makes it to marriage, but for those who fails to enjoy the flip-flops, starts the whole drama again.

There are few typical man and woman problem. If you understand that, you have come through a long way in a relationship. Those are the problems that tend to make the relationship stronger and happier if you know what I mean. We can’t possibly understand women but we know we can’t possibly live without them. And woman trust me when we say I love you looking right into your eyes, we meant this: Sweetheart, I will hold you close to my heart and I shall be yours forever. But we don’t look into your eyes, you better prepare for a break up. (P/S: This applies to most of them and not all of them)

When I started writing this article, I thought of putting the problems into words but I realized pictures will do the job better. So, I found the memes from Last word, we are all have our differences. Embrace the differences and make your life happier. Live with it don’t complain, for life is too short. Happy day all and enjoy the selected memes from,, below. Now Smile!


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  1. Good work bro.. though I find it very hard to post a comment about this topic without having a sexist tone to it and get my comment deleted ;). cheers..

  2. Share your thoughts and lets see how sexist they are. hahaha

  3. I like how people can talk about this topic without it turning into a mud-slinging shouting contest. However, there is another side to the Male v.s. Female thing that hasn't really been explored. That side is Rock music.

    I'm being serious, there are huge differences between Rock written by a man and rock written by a woman. Can we have someone talk about this?