Monday, 28 May 2012

EURO 2012 Fantasy League - Inviting All Bloggers, Friends and Family

Dear Readers, Bloggers, Friends and Family,

Soon the world will be drowning in EURO 2012 celebration and those of football fans will be deep into the celebration as well. So, I thought we shall make EURO 2012 a memorable one for all us in case the world ends. So I joined EURO 2012 fantasy by McDonalds. It will be awesome if you guys can join as well.

Here is the link to the website. It is official UEFA EURO 2012 fantasy sponsered by McDonalds and its called McDonald's Fantasy Football. I created a league for you guys to join. Once you have created your team, just comment below with your team's name and the blog that you represent. This is for me to create a list in the forum.

If you are an individual joining the league just comment below with your team's name and any fun quotes about football.

If you have created your EURO 2012 fantasy league please visit this link, "click join a league" and key in the below shown code.

League's name is Blogger, Friends and Family. CODE TO JOIN THIS LEAGUE: 148259-34708.
Register and Join Before June 7 or before the first match begins.
Any questions feel free to ask us in the comment section.

Lastly, Do  not forget to  invite your friends and family.

Celebrate EURO 2012 Resposibly.

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