Tuesday, 28 June 2011

Is it 2012?

Just a few more months left to 2012 and there are mixed feelings and insights in people throughout the world wondering what the future lies. The infamous Illuminaties especially have become the talk of the many streets in the world after 9/11, the many white man movies denoting them especially in Angels & Demons. The Illuminaties are mainly scholars,politicians and celebrities whom are atheist. Their main objective is to form The New World Order which is a concept to rule the world by a single government almost just like The United Nations.
They propagate their agenda through medias, politics and monetory. Some of the Hollywood actors, actresses and directors are very well-known to be their members. Many of their movies have shown symbols of Illuminatis which are the devil, Ra’s, the all-seeing eye and the famous pyramid. For an instance, the recent Beyonce’s live concert had a backdrop of the exact pyramid denoting the Illuminatis.

The Bush family conspiracy theory is an umbrella term used to describe various conspiracy theory allegations directed towards the family of President George W. Bush, including the President's brothers; Florida Governor Jeb Bush, Marvin Bush, and Neil Bush; their father and former President George H. W. Bush; grandfather Prescott Bush; and great-grandfather George Herbert Walker. The New World Order which was proposed by Bush’s father in 9/11/1991, is one of the main issues chaining to the 9/11 conspiracy.
The US 1 dollar with its hidden meanings relating to the Illuminaties were one of the early discoveries denoting their existence. One of the ways of propagating their agenda is by showing images of their symbols and to let the whole world know that they do exist. Have a good look at the picture below and the meaning of each words and symbols.

Why do we need a 2012 movie relating the prophecies of the Mayan calendar about the end of the world? Why must Hollywood who mostly are of this secret society release such a movie in a really big scale? Signs of the apocalypse have already started to spark throughout the world. Some of those are frequent occurence of natural disaster, civil wars, and infectious diseases. The Christians and Muslims believe that there will be a rise of chaos and a single body ruling the world once rapture has taken place at the end of times . That is what claimed to be the end of the world. Are we nearing to it? Is it 2012?

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  1. It might be true..but this also can be a conspiracy theory by other secret organisation we might not know of their existence. Because they are very secretive unlike the freemason and illuminatis.

  2. Anonymous29 June, 2011

    this is really good. hope we can survive 2012.

  3. "its nice", "very good point" keep it UP

  4. @denesh...Thank you for the support

  5. Anonymous30 June, 2011

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  6. mother earth has survived greater disasters than tsunami and quakes for millions of years and sapiens adapted to the change and evolved..i believe we will survive if this happens which i doubt not.

  7. Buy 1st class flight to Africa. :D