Sunday, 26 June 2011

With love to Malaysians

I have a dream. The dream to built a nation containing only humans who speak the language of love. I want the damned politicians who thinks of money making to be out of the country. I want my fellow brothers, sisters and friends to hold hands together and walk on the street without no fear.
I want the people to think we are humans and not robots to receive news from government controlled media. Yes! all of us have culture but keep it to yourselves. Culture, Religion and race will not help us in the time of needs but humans will. Learn to appreciate the humans. Realize that the color of every human blood is red. We might be diverse from the outside but inside we are all the same. Why fight among each other? Why pull others down? Can't we live together? Can't we make a change? Yes! Yes! a million yes we can make a change. We need to believe that what makes a nation is humans. There is no point in racism. When each of the race in this country suffers fundamentally. The Indian community suffers financially, the Chinese community suffers morally and the Malay community suffers politically. Realize what we are trying to do and how it will shape the nation.

The nation should protect all of its content. I want the nation to cater all the needs of every single citizen living. Tolerance is the most used word in Malaysia's history. The politician always come to stage and say we must tolerate each other but its always the Race A tolerates Race B. Why is that such always? I think its enough of the government to stop abusing the word tolerance. We must change and prove that we can built a nation better than 1Malaysia (is not a nation anyway). The Chinese and the Indians were always treated as immigrants. Though they make the country proud, they were not appreciated. This must change. This issue have taken its toll on our nation building. Till to date we can't say we are financially stable. The silent outlining and discrimination should stop. We might have 2012 but not very sure about a successful Malaysia.

"When the dawn breaks today let my dream to be true and dear lord please give us the strength to stay united in making the better Malaysia. Please guide us trough this darkest valley of struggle and promise me YOU will strike down upon the cunning and evil. Make us safe in the journey of justice and plant the seed of hopes in every Malaysian that change is nearby. Please prepare mentally to fight and YOU will shine the light of togetherness, love and wisdom on all of us. "

"It is not titles that honor men, but men that honor titles."
-Niccolò Machiavelli-

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  1. Anonymous28 June, 2011

    love language...good idea

  2. Thanks Anonymous..Love language is always the best