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Avira Personal : How to get WebGuard without installing Ask Toolbar? [SOLVED]

Hello there readers, well today I'm going to be talking about this worthy piece of software which I have been using for almost 5 years now. I will be providing a guide on how to stop a new feature that has been implemented in new version of Avira Personal which prompts its user to install the Safe Search provided by the Ask Toolbar in collaboration with Avira. So the objective of this guide is to obtain the WebGuard enabled without installing the unnecessary AskToolbar. Personally, I feel Avira Personal (Freeware) is pretty much good security for my system and I don't wish to stop using it because of unnecessary softwares that comes bundled with it. First of all before I begin this guide, I would like to mention that I hold no credits for this solution as I only found it in a forum recently and decided to post this here and share with you guys. All the best!!!
This annoying pop up message keeps showing up every time I startup my PC.

* I expect that you have installed Avira before following up with this guide.
* You do not have to type the extra "" shown in the instruction.
  1.  At your desktop screen, press "Windows key+R". This will open up Run.
  2. Type in "regedit" and click "OK". This will open up the Registry window. 
  3. Once the Registry Editor window is open, you would be able to see Computer with 5 root folders namely the HKEY folders shown below.
  4. First open up the "HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE" and then the "SOFTWARE" folder. This is where the registry values for your installed application is stored. 
  5. Alright, so what you are about to do now is to create a registry value to trick Avira into believing that you have actually installed the safe search by AskToolbar. The results will be: You will never ever be prompted to install the safe search feature,no unnecessary toolbar installed and last but not least, Avira's webguard will be enabled all together. Hooray!!! So lets get to work..
  6. First, create a new folder named "AskToolbar" by right clicking on "SOFTWARE" folder and select new key.
  7. Then, create a folder named "Macro" inside the AskToolbar  by right clicking on AskToolbar folder and select new key. By know you should have come up with something looking like this:
  8. Now to add the registry value, right click on Macro folder that you have created and create a new String value and name it as "tb"
  9. Then double click on the tb file to open up an input message box and insert "AVR-W1" into the Value Data text field like shown below:
  10. Click "OK" and close the Registry Editor window.
  11. Now go to Uninstall Programs in the Control Panel.
  12. Look for Avira AntiVir Personal -Free Edition in the Uninstall program list and select it. Note: Please do not uninstall the software, just select it and select "Change" instead of "Uninstall".
  13. Select "Modify" and click next. You will be prompt with a list of Avira components which have already been selected automatically. Just click next and proceed with the Configuration setup and you are done.
Note: If Avira prompts you to still install SearchFree Toolbar after clicking next, then you might have done something wrong in the earlier steps. Try looking it up and repeating the steps. IMPORTANT: If you have already installed the Toolbar prior to following this guide, ensure that you first disable the WebGuard and then uninstall the toolbar.
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  1. Thanks.Its working

  2. Thanks gr8t tip

  3. Anonymous04 July, 2012

    Hello, this doesn't work for me, I'm sure I'm doing it right but it doesn't work.

  4. Please give me more details of your system so that I can help you.

  5. Anonymous28 July, 2012

    Works for me, I had to reinstall the program. Selecting Change would not work for me.

  6. Since it's now nine months after the solution was provided, maybe Avira has changed and a new solution or value data is needed. The WebGuard offer only started popping up on my computer after the latest product update. Is the Ask toolbar still mandatory for WebGuard to work?

  7. Hi dear readers,

    This solution and post has been very obsolete and has been way long since I posted this. BTW I do not recommend using Avira Free anti-virus any more as they have fallen to the grips of ads just like other great apps such as the YOutube itself. Therefore, I would strongly recommend installing MSE (Microsoft Security Essential), not only good, it is highly designed for windows based OS that guarantees your protection. Its FREE and definitely free from ADS. Gud day!!!

  8. Hey Seff,

    I just checked the latest results from AV-comparatives and virus bulletin. Seems like among all the free anti-virus out there, Avira and avast still have the best detection rates. I don't know how MSE scored though.