Sunday, 10 July 2011

BERSIH2.0 Stories from Twitter (#bersihstories) Part 5

edmundlaukm Edmund Lau Kok Ming 
#bersihstories Police deceived us at Puduraya. Said march allowed after negotiation. Then beatings/tear gas when ppl come out of hiding.

VictoriaL1z Victoria Liz 
#bersihstories I don't mean being offended, but I think Hishamuddin looks better without his mouth

kaihnsn Kay End Em 
@sooncm after this IGP will tell FRU is not a police force 

cyfu Fu Ching Yee 
A kind Encik gave us salt after we all got teargassed near Puduraya & some extra "to spare" he said

ajua_eiyo Ajua Halim 
Aku tolong sekumpulan chinese ambik gambar dpn maybank. 30 minit kendian diorg tolong aku panjat bukit blakang hosp

adameben adam ahmad 
setelah melihat respon menteri anda kpd kepada aljazeera membuatkan saya berfikir, i can speak better english than him

foonghin foonghin 
many frens changed photos to yellow. many worry for fellow M'sians. many did not go, will support at ballot box!
amar5029 Azril Amar 
#bersihstories Kne beli lense lagi.. adoyaiii..

aminmin83 amin 
a Chinese girl offer us some salt

cyfu Fu Ching Yee 
Saw a friend who's back from Singapore for #Bersih. "For my country" he says. We hug. #iheartmalaysia moment.

edmundlaukm Edmund Lau Kok Ming 
#bersihstories A S'porean guy sat by the roadside at Puduraya watching police brutality. Two Chinese nationals were shocked by the sight.

NezoElyk Kyle Elyk Low 
General Statement: Anything not related to Bersih2.0 today on Twitter, Facebook or the Net is not worth reading.

TropicalPassage Cliff Chen 
I was making pizza and pasta for dinner this evening - somehow all dishes turns out yellow

JamieLZQin Yum Yum In My TumTum 
how now government? you can't hide anymore

VictoriaL1z Victoria Liz 
#bersihstories Because RM888 Billions illicit money flowed out of this country.

LimSzeMing Sze-Ming Lim 
#BersihStories All the marchers today are heroes. Long live People's Power! Makkal Sakthi! Kuasa Rakyat!

pynkfreakadelic Rachel Law 
Wasn't there at the rally but I've never been a prouder Malaysian. This country's still got hope. Keep praying, and VOTE.

VictoriaL1z Victoria Liz 
#bersihstories Because Thief Minister of Sarawak Taib Mahmut is among the richest by plundering Sarawak dry.

peterkhoon Pete 
#bersihstories: dont trust the MSM, today's crowds was almost evenly betw all races. so many chinese and indians

maxtrix7 Max Koh 
#bersihstories Ppl sharing salt despite race or creed during water spray. 1garam 1malaysia!

ILYelyah Paramour 
What's going on in our own country? #

cyfu Fu Ching Yee 
Marchers would say "excuse me" when passing thru & smile at strangers. We should all be so kind to each other always. 

hfsh_a Hfsh A 
Sad can't join today.But Malaysians who support BERSIH,I promise to u and myself that today sacrifices will never be in vain! 
adameben adam ahmad 
Dear @NajibRazak please conduct an english assesment to your minister. Some of them cant even speak good english. 

tehjinyao Teh Jin Yao 
#bersihstories One guy said: "Kali ini kita sudah menang. Mereka ada roadblocks kita pun masuk sampai dalam. Masa 2007, kita takut." 

mic_snow92 Michelle L 
twisted words from the media.. but its okay, we are not blind

VictoriaL1z Victoria Liz 
#bersihstories Because Najib only listen to his wife, not Rakyat.

yoonkit yoonkit 
Everybodys a #Poultriot RT @edmundlaukm#bersihstoriesKudos to KFC for allowing us to wash our faces after getting blasted by teargas

zarakahan zara kahan 
At the klcc rally, we yelled "Peace! Peace!" to policeman & did peace signs. They tried 2b stonefaced. One policeman giggled.

rick__my Frederic Talis 
so, where's the stories of parangs n molotovs

ashvina ashvina 
I love speaking Malay. Got an opportunity to shout in Malay today. AWESOME! 

supernigelman Nigel Chee 
#bersihstories Never once was I scared. I trusted the Bersih crowd like my own family, because, heck, we are family.

haziqboss haziq fikri 
#bersihstories boleh jadi hikayat seribu satu malam.

aminmin83 amin 
dont stop the @bersih2 waves...wearing YELLOW and make it through PRU13 

Mahesa_San Mahesa San 
My friend came all the way from India..Respecto bro.

maxtrix7 Max Koh 
#bersihstories Ppl still lined up patiently to pay for their drinks at 7-11. No one pushed or was rude.

andyyeoh Andy Yeoh 
Thanks to the young lawyer who taught us (1st timers @ such rallies) abt salt counteracting tear gas & gave us some of hers 

VictoriaL1z Victoria Liz 
#bersihstories RT @ShuzhenChan: One said on the news:" I am proud of my country! Because we are finally united together!" 

#LHDN boleh semak jumlah kerugian peniaga2 kecil di Jalan TAR adakah bertepatan dengan penyata kewangan mereka

anwaribrahim Anwar Ibrahim 
yes RT @mykaernate: first I thought #bersih bad for the nation...after reading I know what it is truly about..UNITY

shwong ashwong 
 by Hareevanan
RT @adameben: Yesterday I hate #bersih . Today, after reading #bersihstories, i hate myself for not being a part of #bersih.

kelvinrawing Kelvin Rawing 
#fb Aku sedih, sbb x semua rakyat Malaysia dpt menyaksikan prkara sebenar yg berlaku. Minda rakyat diracuni media BN 

elveelee Elvira Lee 
Today I fought for my country. What did you do? 

dteoh David Teoh 
Students drove fr Toowoomba to Brisbane, ovr 150kms to support BERSIH2 Brisbane, organised by Aussie Mary O'Donavan + friends 

_hafiz Mohd Hafiz Yusof 
Recalling 9/7 scene;sight of huge crowds & cops brutality,ears hearing never ending chopper& ppl's chants. Felt liberated! 

dteoh David Teoh 
all BERSIH2 Australia organisers are under 25. youth have taken a stand for their country - democracy and life without fear. 

TsirAhXuan Azuan Ahmad 
Transformers: "Years from now they're gonna ask us. Where were you when they took over the planet?" 

peter_shea Peter Shea 
#Bersih #BersihStories PM Najib, before you defend Putrajaya at all cost, TRY to defend a simple hospital first. disgraceful and bad taste.

LimSzeMing Sze-Ming Lim 
#BersihStories "Negaraku, Tanah Tumpahnya Darahku.." For all the injured brave marchers today, this National Anthem lyric became too literal

dteoh David Teoh 
australian police and various city officials commend @BERSIH2ozorganisers for peaceful, organised and coordinated rallies. 
ajua_eiyo Ajua Halim 
Masa kat KLCC ada convoi Harley Davidson yg sempat kitorg sorak 
1malaise Cry Freedom 
#bersihstories When demonstrators began singing Negaraku during the rally, my tears welled up and my heart swelled. Malaysia, I love you so

amrammm Imran Sheik 
I dare you to read #bersihstories and still assume the demo is a bad thing.

whackowilson Wilson Wong 
the government laughed at us for being different, but we laughed at the government for STILL being the same. 

epxy Edmund Pua 
RT @tehjinyao #bersihstories One police officer told me: "Kita sudah 3 hari tak tidur. Baju pun tak tukar." TERIMA KASIH, POLIS!! 

hidup_sihat Zaid 
#BersihStories aku tak bawak air sendiri. so mintak dari orang. tapi nak mintak yang air 100+ je.

mohdsharizal Mohd Sharizal 
Even my wife who couldn't care less abt politics, has been watching#Bersih2.0 videos on Youtube for the past one hour :) 

juweialhaj juwei 
Aku ade sedara yg keje kt PDRM Bkt Aman. kalo aku nmpk muke die pukul orang time #bersih ni mmg bongok la aku bg nanti. 

Xtramiler Alex Au-Yong 
Today, I had the honor of marching through town, hands locked with an indian man and a malay man. Justice unites!

kvambrose K. Ambrose 
#bersihstories 81 years ago, Gandhi led his fellow Indians on the momentous salt march. Today, the world walks with Malaysians for democracy

GeorgeGangan George Gangan Gayau 
Various things in my pocket. Salt, onion, chewing gum, sweets, kulit segala kulit gula2, serbuk tembakau

KathTeaChin Kathy Chin 
@shazeea I understand what you mean... The stories can be shocking or touching but I just can't stop reading

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  1. Anonymous10 July, 2011

    Bersih is about rakyat - that why UMNO-BN government very worried to face the rakyat.
    Orang bersalah mesti selalu dalam ketakutan.

    Be brave. Take risks. Nothing can substitute experiece.

  2. Anonymous10 July, 2011

    Najib! You and BN digging your own graveyard! We Rakyat will kick you out from office this coming 13th General Election! Thank you to staged your own sabotage!!

  3. nice....
    to the government and the police, i think you all should revise back about the neutrality concept...