Saturday, 9 July 2011

Bersih 2.0 Latest Scenes by The Team

These are pictures taken from afternoon till evening at various places of the city...
Pic 1: The Al-Hijrah TV were here covering live on the rally

Pic 2: More crowd gathering towards Jalan Chulan
Pic 3: Crowd movement at Lebuh Ampang
Pic 4: Bikers at Maybank building
Pic 5: Crowd at Lebuh Ampang
Pic 6: More crowd at Lebuh Ampang
Pic 7: Crowd crossing the bridge at Lebuh Ampang
Pic 8: Crowd at Masjid Jamek
Pic 9: Reformation team marching on
Pic 10: Police on duty just planning to sit on bike and pose all day?

Pic 11 : PDRM standby on crowd control
Pic 12 : FRU having a hard time in the rain near Masjid Jamek
Pic 13 : Police on patrol together with other forces even in a bad weather
Pic 14 : The protestants who are determined and are ready to face any conditions
Pic 15 : Another shot at the bold protestants

Below are some pictures taken after the evening rain

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