Saturday, 9 July 2011

BERSIH2.0 Stories from Twitter (#bersihstories) Part 2

1. marcuskok Marcus Kok 
Singing 'Negaraku'under the rain with fellow 30k Malaysians at pudu just send shivers to my spine 

2. ashvina ashvina 
At KLCC, that helicopter Hung low. But I am not intimidated by bullies.

3. randyhew Randy 
Chat with a free lance photographer, asked why u're here, not at patriots there. Answer: patriots photos no value n pointless

4. ashvina ashvina 
There was a guitar with us from centralmarket to KLCC. We sang Rasa Sayang and GeylangSiPakuGeylang. Not a bully in sight.

5. JonathanOngWJ Jonathan Ong 
As we marched, passing motorists honked and gave us a thumbs-up. We responded with an applause. 

6. lautbulan lautbulan 
No one bothered to look pretty anymore during gas attacks. Everyone was puking together by the roadside. Now that's unity. 

7. edryfaizal Edry Faizal 
Someone tried 2 sabotage by burning Patriot's shirt.But everyone scream "JANGAN! JANGAN!" & he was taken out from the rally.

8. kavilan Kavilan N. 
I was there when the police fired tear gas into Tung Shin Hospital. The crowd ran up there for protection but it wasnt spared 

9. bugbitesandco Ms Adzliyana 
Sy tpisah dr group saya.Saya dpt buat 1 planking,mereka buat 4 kali. Ada bawa bunga, bendera, tiada parang +malotov mocktail. 

10. ivyjosiah Ivy Josiah 
Is this not the best unity program?! "@SitiNurliza: Reading bersih stories makes me cry. Humanity does exist in M'sia!"

11. Kiran_ Kiran 
1Msia concept is bias & 1-sided political agenda. 2day we r all united as One Malaysia to rally for transparency & democracy 

12. kaerumy Khairil Yusof 
Vehicles passing by honked, open windows and waved at us providing moral support while we were walking back home exhausted 
13. kavilan Kavilan N. 
 i slipped twice. Hands frm nowhere appeared 2 lift me up. Together w/ me was @puvanan and dozens of others.

14. jauipop Marcus Chan 
cont.. Even tho rally members were being attacked by the police, it seems like they maintained peace/civility. *proud* 

15. adeleena Lim-Bo 
Planted idiot threw stones at polis, causing others to be beaten, tear gassed, arrested while said idiot stood and watched. 

16. edmundlaukm Edmund Lau Kok Ming 
#bersihstories It was most encouraging to see ppl of all races helping each other along. We were all comrades, we were all passionate.

17. bugbitesandco Ms Adzliyana 
RT @AdrianNCF: Suddenly,FRU near kotaraya fired tear gas.few youngsters kick away canister,to change smoke direction

18. DawnJeremiah Dawn Jeremiah 
Sorry for tweerit-biriting about Bersih today (for those who couldn't care less) but reading #BersihStories now is making my hair stand.

19. elizabethwong elizabethwong 
We went into a chappati restaurant for salt, water & tea. Owner & his family were v kind "come in, come in, sit, sit!"

20. wmi123 Wan Mohd Izani 
#bersihstories ..make it No 1 worldwide Trending :))

21. nadjeehah Farisa Nadjeehah 
touched reading all those

22. elywhy Cindy Liew 
907 is a day to remember to all the brave Rakyat and shall written in history!

23. sateesdapsypg Satees Muniandy 
My frn @scheekeong n Wife wr dating bck in Bersih1;Marriedcpl in #Bersih2. Hop all d lvrs I sw 2dy wl bcm HnW w/o Bersih3. 

24. AwanDiLangitLFC Awan Di Langit 
Disaat FRU membunyikan loceng aiskrim mereka, di saat itulah rakyat mula melarikan diri #

25. fiqtry8 fiqtry 
Selepas hari ini saya tidak akn bercakap ttg bagamana fru memukul kami saya hanya akn bercakap ttg pencerahan m'sia 

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