Friday, 22 July 2011

Top 10 Largest Street Demonstrations in Malaysia Part I (Ranking 10-6)

DATE : around 1971-1974
ORGANISER : university students.residents of Baling
AIM : against poverty(unsure)
STRENGTH :unsure of numbers. However, important  demonstration becasuse after this event University and University College Act 1971 (AUKU) was enforced to university students

DATE : 1st August 2009
ORGANISER : Pakatan Rakyat (opposition coalition)
AIM : protest against unlawful arrest under ISA
STRENGTH : 20 000+

8. PROTES (  Protes Harga Minyak)
DATE : 13th JUNE 2008
ORGANISER :  Coalition of NGOs
AIM : protest against price hike for petrol and household items
STRENGTH : 30 000+

7. BLACK 14
DATE : 14TH APRIL 2008
ORGANISER : DS Anwar Ibrahim supporters
AIM:   to mark the expiry of Anwar Ibrahim ban from public office, a decade after he was sacked as deputy prime minister. 
STRENGTH :  35 000+

6. ANTI-PPSMI  (Perlaksanaan Pembelajaran Sains dan Matematik dalam Bahasa Inggeris)
DATE : 7th March 2009
ORGANISER : Gapena and former DBP stalwarts
AIM :  against the government’s idea of teaching Scence and Maths in English
STRENGTH :  unreliable source( some said 10 000-15 000, videos in youtube suggest more than 100 000,...)

Part 2 (Rank 5 to 1) is coming soon.
We are sorry that some of the figures could not be obtained from the internet.

By bhengbros@bheng

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