Thursday, 21 July 2011

Love is Blind?

LOVE. Is it honey for bear or bear for honey? Some describe it is as Left Out Vulnerable Event. While some interpret it as Largest Optimistic  Valentines Effect. When we are done with the ignition part or shall I say when love blooms everything seems to be unconditional. But when you slowly raise the gear to hit the top, all type flaws we come across. So when some wise man said Love is Blind, a question pops up into my mind "Are you sure?" If it's believed to be blind then why people could overVIEW it with different perceptions. Some bookworms who came to University just to hit consistent 4.0 will say love is just hormonal which we could control ourselves from falling in it, no one loves for real, it's just about heading to bed. While some would say love is divine and pure feelings with no indication of it's existence and no timeliness for it's destruction, how sweet. All the above answer is correct, yet it strikes a major question why Love is known to be blind and yet still fails.

Now talking about love is blind, lets see some scenarios which are inter-related. Before I proceed I would like to remind that love is seen in a smaller scope of inter-personal relationship for now. Do not relate with love towards mother,nature, country or any other elements as you like. First and foremost, the Adam hoods as they see their Eve will apparently fall in love and start to love whatever they see in them and their ultimate acts(including the way they sneeze, burp etc etc). Commencing themselves with whatever she's in to. She will be the most beautiful and gold hearted woman in the world. Now let see the after effects, soon when they are into relationship the guy's sense of belongingness raise to the max and concern every single thing she does. Some things will be different from what he expected before he get committed. Of course all the people have expectations you know. Ok the next phase will be FILL IN THE BLANKS syndrome. Where Mr.Adam will start to compare his Eve with another Eve who fulfills his expectations which his Eve failed to do so. Confused? Don't be. So he will start to fill in the blanks, all his expectations will be filled upon a another girl which seem to be fulfilling what his girlfriend failed to do. At the end of the day his girl friend will be the ugliest and worst woman in the world.

Second scenario, Miss Eve falls for every actions of Mr.Adam. He is a perfect gentleman. He is genuine and doesn't show fake self. When Eve has expectations.  All she expect is more Attention and Importance than others. It seems like 2 simple words, but it projects thousands of definitions in her dictionary. At the letterhead of her love story, a girl would say I'm ok with the way you are, I don't care if you don't call or text that often and I don't mind you mixing with other girls. Average of 3 months, a contradiction to the terms before occurs. The next Phase will be ANSWER MY QUESTIONS sessions. Why you didn't reply my text? Why didn't you call me yesterday? Or that girl is more important than ME? And then Mr. Adam recalls that this is not what she agreed upon before they get committed. So, now Mr.Adam will be seating at a bench and wonders where did I do wrong, If I'm possessive I am Dominant and Not Considerate person while If i'm not Possessive I'm not giving enough Attention and  Importance to her. What should I do? As it prolongs, he will be the most barbaric non understanding man for her.

Scenario No.1 has 3 possible conclusions. 1)Mr.Adam will try his best to show that the blame is on her 2) The act of nobleness where Mr.Adam will display as if she wont be happy with him since he is way more bad guy than she thinks he is and she deserve a better person 3) last but not least, he will try to irritate her till she come up with the keyword that revolves all the 3 possibilities, "BREAK UP". At the end of the day he wants to be the good guy. For the Scenario No.2 only one possible conclusion. "You are not the man I fall in love with, you've changed and I think this is it." So i wonder, if Love is Blind and they can love unconditionally why such conclusion occurs. If you check your friends Facebook status you can see this commonly happens among your friends....FSF( Facebook Status Flow) : 4 level = Single > In a Relationship >  It's complicated > Single  OR  5 level = Single  >  It's complicated > In a Relationship >  It's complicated > Single. 

Now the verdict says, When that wise man said "Love is Blind" he was right!! But he forgot the additional fact that "Love is Blind But Lovers have Visions". Basically there are two implicit meanings which we have to understand here, where "Lovers have Visions" means those lovers see things with their eyes/mind rather than heart. Everything is about tangible things around them and best part is, it spots differences more than common things among them. And the other meaning is that "Visions" can be best replaced with Future EXPECTATIONS. So as you can see Love is always blind, that is why when you first fall in love you didn't see any flaws or defects in that person since it involves heart. As it gets deeper there is a battle between Heart and Mind which mostly Mind will take control. That's when Lovers starts to have expectations towards each other and creates conditional love on each other. So kill that EXPECTATIONS and practice ACCEPTATION. Because love is not about EXPECTING, it's about ACCEPTING. Stop looking at the differences and start finding the common things you people share. If the Adam in 1st scenario accepted Eve the way she is, she will still the be the most beautiful and gold hearted woman in the world for him, vice versa for 2nd scenario Adam will still remain as perfect genuine gentleman.

To put in the nutshell, those who felt the bright side of it will see it as Honey for Bear. In addition, those who went through hell will say it is  Bear for Honey. So don't test the Subjectivity and start to love unconditionally. The amazing thing is that even a Penguin chooses a mate, a best mate and they stay together for life. But whats wrong with us humans? Remember "Love is Blind, but Lovers have Visions"

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  1. Anonymous21 July, 2011

    This is awesome..Love to hear more...Thanks for such perspective. and I like the phrase, "love is blind but lovers have visions"..Its true man..

  2. A lot more to come. Keep on updating yourselves