Tuesday, 5 July 2011

Tribute to the Authors

"A new dawn is upon us".

Those were the first words that ran through my mind when I first heard about the blog. I quickly turned on my laptop and proceeded to find out more about the authors. A quick google search revealed that most of them live in the Klang Valley. Great news for me.

In the Name of Search, created by FreeMahesa, and co-written by a few of his like minded friends, completely revolutionized the art of blogging. It potrays their lifestyles, what they observe, their experiences and whatnot. The topics are mind blowing, the language simple and is relevant to all people from all walks of life. What more could a blog addict like me ask for. I could almost see them showered with fame and fortune. Desperate to know more about them, I stalked and followed them continuously in Facebook for days, before I got my lucky break. I got to know that they were having a team meeting in a nearby mamak restaurant.They were already leaving by the time I got there.

This place.

I had to rush to get near them. By the time I got there, Butterfly, Don Ivak and Seff was already in the car. FreeMahesa, JiNaDa and 1c3^1c3^13a13y^ were still outside talking about something. I posed myself as a lost and confused teenager who needs a piece of their advice very badly.

" Hi, Erm.. You guys seem cool. Can you guys tell me how to get chicks to like me," I blurted out.

FreeMahesa turned and looked at me. He moved with such grace and calmness you would not expect to see in a man his size.Then he closed his eyes and started to do this strange yet fascinating dance/ yoga sort of thing. I just stood there fixed on the ground, watching him. At which point he caught a water droplet with his palms, opened his eyes and whispered two words to me. "Inner Peace"

Above: Chick magnet

Still confused, I turned to 1c3^1c3^13a13y^. I felt a chill running up my spine the moment our eyes met. " There's something evil about this guy", I told myself. He didnt say anything to me. Just looked at me, with a sharp, piercing gaze. I felt naked in front of him. It was almost as if he got to know me, my past, my darkest secrets just by looking into my eyes. And I have to admit, It made me leak in my pants. Which was when he got kind of pissed off because his look towards me changed to a more "wtf??" type.

Like that.

That small incident completely put them off . JiNaDa started to suspect that I'm a member of the government secret service and that I was there to warn them about publishing sensitive materials in their blog. He started yelling at me and asked the others to get in the car quickly. " Saya bukan kotor macam lu orang. Saya orang yang bersih!". Then they all got in the car and JiNaDa, still unhappy, yelled "Saya pun bayar roadtax tau!!" and drove past me.

There I stood, in awe, amazement and a wet spot in my pants. I felt like I had the blessings of the gods. I shall never forget the events of that day for the rest of my life. Now there's only one thing left to do. Learn the dance/ yoga thingy and catch a water droplet with my palms and dance together with it.The solution to all of life's biggest problems. An important lesson indeed..

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  1. hahaha... superb cha...!

  2. Hahahaha....LMAO...This shit is funny man...Awesome

  3. ha..ha..ha.. why not? with this great art u have with u, i bet GOD shall shower u not only with a drop of water in palm but an ocean of inner peace and happiness in soul. best luck cha..