Saturday, 23 July 2011

How far can you go for love?

She sits at the front seat in the class. She's just another diligent classmate and just like other typical girls who does all her homework. And ya we guys grab her book to finish up our works at last minutes. That's how things were until this one day I came across her with a another friend of mine. There was a sudden change on her face, she was the most beautiful thing I've ever seen then. She had this smile, I couldn't take my eyes of her and right then I decided she is the ONE. So how far am I willing to go for her?

A firefly flew by her side and she shined throughout the moment. At that moment I saw that smile again, I wonder why. As she disclosed to me she has never seen a firefly throughout her life and right then I decided  it's time to hunt some fireflies. All I wanted was to see that smile again but I didn't know it will take me miles away. I walked by the park, explored the swamp and walked through the forest. It took me 4 days to find a perfect spot where fireflies exist. And finally I cherished the moment by showing her the glow of victory that enlighten my darkness. She saw those fireflies, I can see those eyes were so mesmerized and there I saw her smile which brought heaven to earth. I caught one of those firefly and let her touch it, I could see she was at the top of the world. I remember those lips thanking me instead I have to thank her for giving me that moment. I turned into an Entomologist for HER I guess.

Then there was this day, and we were watching a Korean Drama. And there was this particular scene which shows meteor shower. She expressed she always wanted to see a meteor shower. And there falls an obligation on my shoulder, I need to show her meteor shower somehow. But how? I thought we cant see those things here in Malaysia and we need more tools in order to view it. So I made some research. Thanks to human's best creation; Google I came across this information about Perseids Meteor Shower which falls on 12 August. It can be seen during the dark hours before dawn with bare eyes perhaps one or two every minute. Hence I packed some necessities and brought her to the top of a hill on that night and waited. She fell asleep but I waited. Right then i couldn't believe my own eyes, I saw the first one myself. I woke her up and her drowsiness vanished just like that after seeing her first glowing rock from sky. Then there it is a meteor shower falls like rain, I was sitting by the woman I love looking at the beauty of nature. I saw that happy face of hers so adorable just like baby reacts when it got it's first footstep. At that moment only one thing ran in my mind, I promise I would never  be the cause of even a single drop of her tears. And there I was, an Astronomer for a month for HER.

But all my dreams shattered when she chose someone else instead of me. But I cant stop loving her. So I did more even after I knew she's not mine. She started to involve in social services, an effort to form One Family under God or shall I say bring World Peace. She followed her man since he was active in such activities even before this. Hence I followed her to all the camps she attends and involve myself in social services just to stay near her. And I started to enjoy somehow that and got myself inner-peace since helping others is a noble thing to do. We always move together all the time and at times her man will come in between. That would be my heart-breaking moment yet I just face it just to stay with her all the time. I did all the things that I've never done in my life for charity purpose with her. Throughout that period I was not myself, I can feel that I was doing something against my will just to be with her. I became a Social worker for HER.

Finally, something beyond my expectation happened. Both of them(she and her man) caught into an accident when they were coming back from a vacation. They were severely injured. She was in coma for quite sometime. While he was badly injured and fighting for his life due to blunt trauma in liver. His whole liver was badly injured and he needed a transplant. My blood group matched  and fulfilled all the criteria for liver transplantation. At first I thought his death will open my door. Maybe his death will give me space to get back with her therefore I should let him die. But at one point, it strike my mind that he is her only happiness. If he dies she will suffer from the loss. I cant imagine her face when she woke up one day found out he is not alive anymore. I remembered my promise that I would never be the cause of even a single drop of her tears. Finally I donated half of my Liver in order to save the love of her life. It doesn't matter if I did not get a life with her, all I want is her to be happy always. I just want that smile remains forever in her life. Ever since then I just disappeared from her life and didn't see her again. Finally I became a Saint because of HER.

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