Sunday, 24 July 2011

Orbit Downloader : Disable Software Update [SOLVED]

Okay first of all to those only seeking for the solution on disabling the Software Update feature please scroll to the SOLUTION section below. Alright where was I, yes the Orbit Downloader ,have you heard of  it before. Orbit Downloader is a rich media download manager just like those commercial downloaders for example, DAP(Download Accelerator Plus), IDM(Internet Download Manager), Flashget and ect. The only difference is Orbit Downloader is a freeware, yes totally free, which means no hard time patching licence and time wasted on finding keygen bla bla bla...This also means less getting attacked by malwares and spywares in fake keygen downloads.
            The reason to love Orbit Downloader is the same reason why everyone goes crazy over IDM and DAP. For me, I just don't see why people are so into these download managers. I believe most of the users are fooled by false statements these download managers often brag about such as "Boosts dl speed by x400 and x500" which is pretty much absurd and damn right unbelievable. The truth is,all those softwares are plain download managers, in other terms,it onsly manage your downloads. There will be no boosting of download speed, only stable download speed provided(dl speed depends on ISP). So if your running a 1MB cable your limit is just that.
            So, what is this topic all about: it is about an annoying feature Software Updater in Orbit Downloader that has been about sometime now. The Software Updater is a feature that scans your machine for software details and when online,gets information on new updates and new upgrades for your software. The process of getting the software details normally takes up 25-50% of the CPU usage,furthermore the results are often far beyond correct. The good news about this is, there is an option to disable this feature, but the BAD news is the option does not work at all. Kinda funny how the development team did not come up with the solution even after a couple of new versions being released.

Try the latest version of OrbitDownloader today. The richmedia downloader used to download from Youtube videos to almost anything on the web with a click of a button. 

This is reeally simple. All you need to do is go to the directory where you installed your OrbitDownloader. Most probably C:\Program Files\Orbitdownloader. In the directory, look for SoftUpdater.dll and either rename it or just delete it. You are done. Orbit will run perfectly like it always does.

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  1. Perfect, its was really huge headache when your installed softwares has growth in your operating system.
    You start orbit with windows or when you need it. Either way it makes a lot of disk activity.

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