Saturday, 30 July 2011

Is Osama bin Laden really dead?

Osama bin Laden the leader of the al-Qaeda network is known to be the most wanted terrorist in the world. But, there are many conspiracy theories linking Osama associating to the US government. For an instance, Osama was known to be a CIA agent with the name of Tim Laden. The whole reason of the attack on the World Trade Centre is to link Osama as the culprit and he was claimed to be hiding in Afghanistan. Why Afghanistan? It is simply to steal their oil for stockpiling as oil is one of the basic necessities in the current world.

There is also an incident where Osama was found to be admitted in a hospital in India for kidney-related problems and he was also approached by the CIA agents but was not caught. This news spread wide throughout the European nations but never told in the USA. Why is it so? And why he wasn't caught?

Some rumours claim that Osama has died of chronic illness in 2006 but his name is lifted for political mileage by the US officials. But why only on the 2nd of May 2011, the US government has officially announced the death of Osama? At the time, the was unrest in Middle East and the Pakistan government was purposely not informed of the secret ambush on Osama. This is to cause outrage between Pakistan and the US government, thus the US army could invade Pakistan and slowly take over the Middle East countries. Another theory says that the al-Qaeda network will be more rebellious and will move more aggressively with the news of the demise of Osama. This will be an added advantage for the US army to invade the main hubs of the terrorist groups and to finally conquer the Middle East region.

If you still think these are all just mere hoax and people just love to create rumours for their own interests, why photos of Osama's assassination is not revealed till now? And why his body being dropped into the North Arabian Sea and not buried in the Islamic way? Is this a cover-up? Is this done purposely to outrage the Muslims? It is for you to find out!

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