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BERSIH2.0 Stories from Twitter (#bersihstories) Part 3

rachel_chong Rachel Chong 
Nvr felt more proud of being Msian than rightnow after reading #BersihStories. Unity has nvrbeen more successfully achieved as seen today.

im0jewel Ling Jewel 
Dear government, BERSIH would not be failed if you didn't block roads and public transports. STOP BEING DENIAL.

aqmalbaik AmalAvHariri 
pizza belum sampai, kate la roadblock belum habis 

firdausrosli Firdaus Rosli 
Rally of Malays,they tell "Stupid!". Rally of Indians,they say "Ungrateful!" Rally of M'sians,stupid IGP in his head count! 

SamenSays Simon Yong 
Even though I'm only 16 and I probably do not understand politics but I'm extremely touched by #bersihstories .Truly beautiful.#1Malaysia

victortrixter Victor Chan 
It was an honor to march with 10,000 true Malaysians today . We are history, We are united, We are 1Malaysia peeps 

z_tulip Tulip 
Mission accomplish

MikhKalashnikov Mikhail Kalashnikov 
Kalaulah Tuanku Mizan ada personal #Twitter account & baca 

jauipop Marcus Chan 
RT: @ShazGhaF: true friends are the ones standing next to you in locked hands while facing water cannons & gas cannisters.

Salleh_Kaus SallehKaus 
#bersihstories Polis main pistol air LOL

iyad_elbaghdadi Iyad El-Baghdadi 
Minister: "We are not Pakistan or Burma or Myanmar"

omgitstanu Tanusha Sharma 
a guy freaking fractured his leg thanks a lot FRU 
aqmalbaik AmalAvHariri 
Going to remember this day for the rest of my life <3 

rosli_s Rosli 
Kumpulan patriot baju merah lari bertempiaran bila hujan turun. Belum lagi kena water canon!

eloksangatlatu Eloklah. 
Ada orang tu kentut bau busuk gila lepastu tuduh orang lain yang kentut.

StalloneHoon DJ Stallone 
RT @iamdjreeve: RT @ocieyati: I'm deeply touched by #bersihstories, proud to be Malaysian today!

bumilangit bumilangit 
@carboncopy I kick off one canister! My golden dream came true!! 

lingswaransingh Lingswaran Singh 
Cadang semua buat repot polis esok berhubung tembakan gas pemedih mata ke Hospital Tung Shin #bersihstories ramai-ramai buat repot.

mdFaridridhwan Farid Ridhwan 
tv3 too busy thats why they miscalculated

ddreamer ddreamer 
#bersihstories am proud that the people didnt react aggressively when intimidated by tear gas and water canon.

nezyrin Nezyrin Iklram 
Najib,ofc u can say it's only small group coz u blocked roads into the city.imagine if u didn't. 

LiyanaLynn Liyana Rosali 
@checrys i even cried read 

IskayIsmail Iskay Ismail 
@bersih2 #bersihstories : We sought shelter from the kind Tung Shin Hospital to wash our red eyes and to perform Zohor+Asar prayers. Thanks

SweetyJo8 Jo Lin 
#bersihstories Bloomberg removed from ASTRO. WTH! Just cause they revealed way too much info on the Bersih thing. 

robbiealburn Robbie 
This is the beginning of everything

MayahMino Nadia Humairah 
I may be too young to judge, too naive to comment, but smart enough to think 

whackowilson Wilson Wong 
semangat perpaduan - mana ada racism? go read #bersihstorieslocal mainstream news and gvrnmt are the real racist.

checrys Esther Chung 
Touched to read #bersihstories of how people of different religions prayed together, people of different races help each other.

IffaJ Iffa 
A reformation is desperately needed in the government, so I support the Bersih rally today. So proud of you guys!

damien_thanam Damien Thanam 
@bersih2 Petaling St McDonlds lockd us in not 2 protect us but 2 avoid rally protstrs frm seeking refuge 4m McFRU & McCop 

FOSbilwM Ferdinand Pereira 
I saw it with my own eyes em police/ FRU shooting tear gas into Tung Shin Hospital. Don't you fckin dare say otherwise!! 

adameben adam ahmad 
sebak baca #bersihstories . before this i thought chinese and indian will never show up, but they did. bye bye #racist me. bye bye 

his_her Nama saya 
dramatic giler gambar-gambar #bersihstories .. saper2 photographer tak turun rugi lah..

A little surreal that this happened right in front of my eyes today. Its all quiet now thank goodness

firdausrosli Firdaus Rosli 
Now I know why this stupid IGP said we're only 6k. He thought that non-yellow ppl aren't part of this. Then why arrest? 

SheraFA Fessha Amru 
Ya Allah kau tunjukkanlah kami kebenaran yang sebenar , siapa kotor siapa bersih 

PaeRahman Faezwa Abd Rahman 
:: #bersihstories currently no.3 in Malaysia trending. 

Daniel_yeap Daniel Yeap 
#bersihstories because of bersih today ! My friend called me a hero ! U guys are heroes !

NatAsasi Nathaniel Tan 
#BersihStories - I saw the faces of family, friends, and every single type of Malaysian there is, all united as one for a just cause.

Tommielicious Dominic Isaac Teng 
#BersihStories , i'm home and sick.. but i'm watching the hundreds and thousands of tweets of #BERSIH ! Proud to see unity from all races!

kltalk Kuala Lumpur Talk 
RT @haziqboss #bersihstories aku tgok smgt prpaduan Malaysia hari ni. all races sama2 trun n march tgethr. terbaik la #bersih kali ni. syaba

feistyflo Florence Wan 
RT @netraKL: I nvr once felt unsafe in the Bersih crowd. Ppl said hello, took pix. V civilised n disciplined

funkdoobii Ryan P 
I saw hope. In different skin colors today but with one purpose

NatAsasi Nathaniel Tan 
#BersihStories "@brianlian: Cow head rally is more violent than Bersih. Aunties hunting bargains are more violent than Bersih."

fahmi_fadzil fahmi_fadzil 
Nervous when marchers ran down an alley, fearing police wld corner. It was a dead end. But lepas tu selamat

leroyng Leroy Ng 
RT @NatAsasi#BersihStories RT @netraKL: I nvr once felt unsafe in the Bersih crowd. Ppl said hello, took pix. V civilised n disciplined.

greeneyesjelly Greeneyesjelly 
#BersihStories sm ppl tried 2 tear a "patriot" t-shirt in frnt of puduraya, crowd stopped 'em, we came in peace, not 2 provoke

TotenVeloren Erika 
#BersihStories ran out of salt water, helped two people charge phones via my laptop. Got tear-gassed several times but the gasmask saved me

JonathanOngWJ Jonathan Ong 
As we marched outside KL Sentral, passing cars and trains honked to show support, bypassers clapped and cheered at us! 

amirulhakem amirul hakim 
RT @apekmustdie: Smbil bjalan, kite org pegang tangan dgn random Indian & Chinese guys, nyanyi lagu Negaraku. FRU cuak beb #BersihStories

bersih2 BERSIH 2.0 
#BersihStories too full after eating KFC RT @syazwinasaw: People were laughing at Patriot. Small numbers, didn't march even 1km lol

greeneyesjelly Greeneyesjelly 
#BersihStories it's a new experience 4 me 2 sing negaraku w/ so many fellow msians in frnt of armed fru

_hafiz Mohd Hafiz Yusof 
#BersihStories proud to be with all races walking together for a better Msia.Total success like a parade! U had to be there to believe

cuddyjah Khadijah Haq 
@bersih2 #bersihstories I'm only 17 but I realize and believe in the importance of Bersih. If we teenagers don't step up now, then who will.

bersih2 BERSIH 2.0 
#BersihStories RT @ohsoooAya: RT @bersih2: RT @yogurtyo#bersih people queued up to shake hands with the police after rally was over. Peace

tiffanyoon Tiffany Oon 
Strangers helped one another climb out of the hospital to the school to escape police

bersih2 BERSIH 2.0 
#BersihStories RT @debslym: Strangers offered me salt n water. Pakciks, kakaks asked if I ws okay. We chanted Praya Bersih together. Awesome

checrys Esther Chung 
#BersihStories I think none of us at home knew that we cared about the country so much until 

mhkhairulnizam Mohd Khairulnizam 
Ladies first.. RT @tiffanyoon Strangers helped one another climb out of the hospital to the school to escape police 

MikiHoh891221 Miki Hoh 
#bersihstories I wasn't able to join in the rally but I kept checking for updates on my phone throughout working.

ethanpolar ethan 
#bersihstories today marks the day of a new beginning. My fellow citizens, we showed them that peace overcomes violence.

greeneyesjelly Greeneyesjelly 
#BersihStories we r all color blind 2day, we exercise ur rights 2day, we've done wht 1msia fails 2 do so far

binhanif binhanif 
MInsider n Mkini should publish #bersihstories tweet. Tears in my eyes as I read some tweet those on the street today
wanywonka nur alwani 
Omg teruknya!! RT @apekmustdie: Polis pmpuan belasah mak cik tua. Kejam! Sedihnya *aku taip ni pun tgn aku vibrate* 

amustaqim Mustaqim Rahman  
#bersihstories today i saw malaysians walking shoulder to shoulder from many generations asking for fair elections and singing NegaraKu

PetrolNick Nick Wong 
#BersihStories I never felt so safe walking around town. With all malaysians in all races marching to same goal.

_hafiz Mohd Hafiz Yusof 
Chinese chap handed us salt &water.Wife gave choc to a stranger.Sang Negaraku together.I perhaps almost all felt the tear gas #bersihStories

shalyn_xash Sha-Lyn Xash 
At 7-11, Petaling Street, 3pm-ish : A guy pays for several boxes of mineral water and gives it to the crowd

shalyn_xash Sha-Lyn Xash 
At Puduraya, 2pm: Helpful passerby guided us the way out from the then-trapped Pudu area, making our way to Stadium Merdeka. 

wormyboi they call me wormy 
there were Muslims doing their prayers while seeking shelter from the heavy rain at an Indian temple.

sarahtym Sarah Tay 
Such arrogance and a cowardice. RT@bersih2: What do you guys think? #BersihStories FMT: Najib says it's a small group.

fraimee Fraimee Adzmadie 
#BersihStories Feel great when I can use my Google Maps to direct two leng chai who lost their way back to KJ due klcc lrt station closed.

leroyng Leroy Ng 
RT @novanelson: 5000k?no way.Where I was, could not even see the road. Only sea of Malaysians walking towards KLCC..

7icia 7icia 
Nice to see cars on headlights tho' it's still bright to show #bersihsupport. Beautiful!

aansory Azwar Ansory 
geng silat nampak tak ramai sebab yang lain pakai ilmu ghaib.

fraimee Fraimee Adzmadie 
So sweet! I loikkee! RT @kaihnsn: Reading #bersihstories makes me proud. Watching TV3Suku n reading Utusan Meloya makes me puke.

HilmiIsmaill Hilmi Ismail 
As i drove by Istana Negara, no sign of this pesilat at all. I tot they wanted to defend the palace

cerventus Daniel CerVentus 
“First they ignore you, then they laugh at you, then they fight you, then you win.” Mahatma Gandh

NasHunter Nasrullah 
Watching berita AWANI. Full off lying and hypocrite !!!Uwekksss 

nawnawdzaki Nawal Dzaki 
reading #bersihstories are making me cry :')

GideonTay Gideon Tay :D 
Some Uncle said this. : "Im doing this not because i want to. Im doing this only for my children and grandchildren future." 

davidchak David Chak… IN KL, ALL trending topics on twitter has something to do with 709! Good job twitterjaya! 

Tomorrow's dawn signals the first day if the rest of our Malaysia

aminmin83 amin 
#bersihstories - proud to be 1 off the tear gas victim

chinyin Chinyin Wong 
Reading #bersihstories make my hairs stand. Truly heartwarming. I love this side of my fellow countrymen.

DanielFongZY Daniel 
Reading #bersihstories really touch my heart. People standing united as Malaysians against corrupt elections... :')

mic_snow92 Michelle L 
just reading the #bersihstories i could feel that people are getting closer and we have witnessed the power of unity

VictoriaL1z Victoria Liz 
#BERSIHSTORIES - It unites people more than ever

summergan Summerpunch 
9 July 2011. Day to remember

phuiyee phuiyee 
Saw a volunteer doctor treating gassed victims. "There r a few of us around," d doc said. Tq for risking d gas to save othrs 

GideonTay Gideon Tay :D 
Malaysia is in some sort of Darurat now. Blocking almost every road in KL. 

SpadesMagazine Nick Mun 
@bersih2 Bersih 2.0 better at building national unity than NS. 

firdausrosli Firdaus Rosli 
MidEast parents proud when son join street protest. Malay parents show regret. Where's their saying, "Dunia hanya sementara?" 

Syaquan Syaquan 
@jagdesh Darkest hours is when Tear Gases launched into a hospital?? Finest is seen in #BersihStories Touching.

VictoriaL1z Victoria Liz 
#BERSIHSTORIES I've just LIKE "1 Millions Malaysia want Najib to resign"

hana_dia nadia farhana 
after so many road block in KL~50000 peep gathered(maistream media report it 5000 lol)wonder if there`s no restriction for it

zaaagh Zaaagh 
RM3.50 LRT fare; RM7.90 Petaling Street Nam Heong Chicken Rice; RM5 mineral water; Bersih 2.0 experience, PRICELESS 

penarekbecha Penarek Becha 
#bersihstories Kalau ada tweets dari dalam lokap, best gak kan?

zzaiddin Zinedine Zaiddin 
masih ada yg mainkan sentimen kaum pasal #bersih. bodo la puak2 ni. igt melayu aje ke yg turun?

akustress3 akustressgiler 
Congrats #BERSiH but it doesn't mean we are going to vote for PR now unless u all show us that u guys can govern us better 

jocelynroshini jocelyn 
don't get why Malaysia's government is freaking out about the rally, when all people want is a fair go!

izzulruzaini Izzul Ruzaini 
RT @PetrolNick #BersihStories I never felt so safe walking around town. With all malaysians in all races marching to same goal

Schizzy Schizzy 
#bersihstories I'm proud of all who, in the face of tear gas, water cannons, nightsticks, fists and heavy boots, stood their ground.

reading interesting tweets from #bersihstories just because we cannot 100% believe news from our useless local media.

adameben adam ahmad 
@AmoiMoy baca lah. mesti ko sebak. aku dah berhenti baca. sebak macam nak nanges bace #bersihstories . menyesal tak join tadi.

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